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Thursday, September 15, 2005
I went yesterday to Barix to see Dr POP and have my follow up appointment. It went well and I am officially down 20 pounds. I have to learn to stick with one scale. LOL.
He was very happy with my progress and my wounds are healing quite well.
I will be starting a support group in Windsor within the next month. Barix is allowing me to lead a group. Normally you have to be six months out of surgery, however, because there are few of us in Windsor who have had the surgery and are willing to lead a group that they are making an exception. Once we find the venue to hold the meetings then I will be given a leader manual and a package to help get me started. I am so excited about this. I can not wait.
My poor mother went for her surgery on the 13th and had a very different experience then I did. For some strange reason they tried to intubate her before she was asleep and she paniced. Not that I blame her. She was sent home from surgery that day very discouraged and is looking into getting OHIP approval at another location because the anestegioligist scared her so much. I feel very sad for my mom because she has been trying to get this surgery for over a year and has been getting doors shut in her face. She was the one that started this process for Adam and I and she is still in limbo. She should know within 6 weeks when her new surgery date is and we will be keeping you posted on that.
My hubby went on Sept 8th and he had good luck. He had his surgery done open so his recovery has been slower than mine. Now, it looks like he might have juandice. That is just like Adam... LOL.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's bad experience! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her!

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