Sunday, September 18, 2005
It would appear that I have reached my first plateau. Either that or it may be just that I have not moved my bowels in quite some time. LOL. I guess you could say I am full of shit.
I still feel well and am going for my walks. I am on pureed and having a hard time getting my protein in. I have started feeling hungry but as would be expected after wls my hunger is satisfied with very little food. I find that I am much fuller faster with the pureed food. Most pureed food looks like something my neice left in her diaper and I can't bring myself to eat it. Yuck. I can not wait to have real food again. Bring it on.
I return to work on the 3rd of October and I am excited to get back to the swing of things.
Other than that nothing else is new, but I will keep ya posted.
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