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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Adam and I bought a scale. I weigh myself in the privacy of my bathroom every morning. I am now 223.0. I have lost 27 pounds in 1 month. I am very happy with that. My clothes are falling off and I have noticed that my fingers look like sticks. LOL. My cousin gave me some 1X clothes yesterday and the tops fit but the bottoms were just a little too tight. By next week they should fit.
Today is the 1 month anniversary of my surgery. I feel better than I have in years. My confidence is at an all time high. I finally feel like I am taking care of myself and actually doing it, not just talking about it.
My goal this week is to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for no shorter than 30 minutes for at least 5 days. I will bring my headphones so that I can watch the tv. I hope to aim for 1 hour. I would like to have 22 more pounds gone (total 50) by my six week appointment on the 6th of October.
It looks like my suppost group for Barix will be starting up sometime in October. I recieved my "bag" with all the info in it last week and have gone over it. It looks like it will be interesting and fun.
Yesterday, the 23rd we listed our house for sale. We have found this really nice house right in Amherstburg (2 minutes from my parents) that is for sale and we fell in love with it. It is the model of house we have always liked. It is located in an area of town called "The Monopoly Board-Park Place" and the street is called Indiana. The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths including an ensuite in the master, the kitchen has loads of cupboards, dishwasher, 3 sinks, a dinnette and then there is a nice size dining room beside the kitchen. The living room is a nice size. And the family room is huge. The yard backs onto a park so we have no neighboors directly behind us. Right now there is a pool in the yard but it is falling apart and we will take it down completely. My parents have a pool anyway so we spend most of our time there. This really is not the time of year to sell houses in our area, but we thought we would list it for two months and see. Afterall, what's meant to be will be.
In April 2004 I signed up for an annonymous ova donor/sharing program with a clinic in Scarbourough. How the program works is I donated my eggs to a couple who has issues with their own eggs and then they pay me $6000 to use towards my own IVF cycle. (when I am ready). Last year the government stopped the program saying the egg donors could no longer be compensated for donating their ovum. However, this year they have reinstated the program for individuals who had already signed up. So in April we were told that we would still qualify and the clinic went out to find a recipient for my eggs. I got a call on the 19th of this month and a recipient has been found. I should start the drugs next month with the egg retreival set for November. I am so happy and excited for that couple. I pray with all my heart that this works for them. I would feel so sad for them if it did not. Granted because it is announymous I will never know the outcome of their cycle. But, I will still hope and pray for them. The clinic said that it would keep the money in an account for us for as long as we need them to, even if it is 18-24 months before we are ready. Everything in our life is starting to come together now. We are just waiting for Children's Aid to call with the date and time of the adoption classes so we can get that started too. Lot's of new things happening in our lives that the 2 years we have to wait will just fly by.
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