6 week check up

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Just back from my 6 week check up and happy to report that I am ahead of schedule as far as my weight loss goes. I am down about 26% of my excess weight and normally they see 10-15% at this time. They are very happy with my results as well as how well physically I am doing.
I met with the director of group support services today and the support group will be starting on October 20th. I am excited to get that going. It was nice to sit with her today and go over the manual. Dr Pop said that he would even come to a meeting a give a talk for the people who are considering the program/sugery.
No bites on our house but it has not been a month yet. They are lowering the price on the other house this week-end so I hope ours sells soon. It would be so nice to be in there by Christmas.
Adam is doing well.
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