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Monday, October 10, 2005
Have not really lost anymore weight in the past few days. I am still hanging in there and following the plan.
My first week back to work went well. It was nice to see everybody and get back into the swing of things. I find that I eat a lot better while at work so that is a plus. I get all my water in and my protein is easily attainable.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was last night and it was yummy. We ate just smaller portions of most everything so I did not feel like I was missing out on anything. Except for the sweet potatoes. I love them so much. But I lived to tell about it. I made a sugar free pumpkin cheese-cake pie and it was very good. We did not miss out on that aspect either. There are so many sugar free options that I doubt very much we'll ever feel like we're missing out too much.
Adam left to go visit is father this morning. He will be back next Sunday. Our 3rd anniversary is on the 19th so he will be home in time to celebrate, besides we will be celebrating on the week-end. He is down about 40 pounds.
My aunt gave me three bags full of clothes that she has out grown. Now I have clothes for this stage and the stage after. I am all set for sometime now.
A friend of mine called me this week-end to let me know that she has recieved her prior-approval for Barix and understandable so is very excited. She sent her request in on September 20th so less than a month for prior approval. I am happy for her.
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