5 Months Old

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Five months already? Wherever did the time go?
He is still the most adorable boy I have ever know. I can not believe how much I love motherhood. I mean I knew I would like it, but what I feel for this little boy is more than I ever thought possible.
He is rolling over both ways now, he is sitting up on his own, he is sleeping at night really well but, we are having a hard time just putting him the crib because he screams bloody murder for at least 30 minutes and I can't stand to hear him upset. This week Adam is home (due to lay off) so it should be easier with us both here. At least Adam can sit on me so I won't go in and get Jake. Nap times too are a struggle. It's just he is so nossy he does not want to miss anything. He loves playing in his Leap Frog Exersaucer and just sort of swings in his Jolly Jumper. My parents gave him a walker for Easter so we will see what happens with that. It is the most adorable thing ever. He tends to go backwards in it but I know forwards will come with time.
Yesterday he started to say Da-Da! He screams it and it's so cute. He talks all the time now.
He has such a temper and it makes me laugh now, but I know that when he is 2 and throwing fits in the Wal-Mart I may not think it's so cute! But for now I just laugh at him.
He has been eating fruits and vegetables for about 3 weeks now and has done really well. He loves peas and squash and pears and applesauce. 1/2 a jar at each feeding. He is such a good eater.
There was a couple who came through our house on Saturday ans they liked it however, they want to see a couple others in the area before they choose. They are suppose to be going through those ones on Thursday. I think they will be back. The other couple is still somewhat interested and maybe coming through sometime this week-end. I really hope it sells soon. I hate being in limbo. It sucks.
Anyway nothing else is new.
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what a happy boy!!!!!


sorry i wasnt signed in!

Happy HALF YEAR birthday litttttle man!!!!!!!

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