Aunt Flo Came to Town.

Sunday, February 04, 2007
and she is kicking my ass! LOL. Be careful what you wish for! This is the exact cycle we got pregnant with last year! Wish us luck! I can't say that I am positive we will have as good of luck this time, afterall it took us 3 years to concieve Jacob! Mind you, he was well worth the wait and the heartache. As I am sure his brother or sister will be too. No matter how long it takes to have them. I am hoping for another boy this time. If we have another boy, Adam has agreed to try again for a girl. If we have a girl, he is thinking that we should be done! I would like more than 2 children though... But, we'll see!
We went out on a date on Saturday and we saw Because I said So. It was so good. We also went to dinner at Tony Roma's Yummy. We ate far too much and I felt sick. I had my first 1/2 glass of wine since before my gastric bypass...(August 24th, 2005) and I was very wozzy! I am a cheap drunk now, that's for sure.
We had my god daughter's baptism today. It went really well. We got some really cute pictures of her and Jake together... she had on her bonnet and looked a little amish and her granpa said can't you see them in the future making furniture in St. Jacob's? We'll we laughed so hard. They also looked like that old couple on the Corn Flakes commercial....all they needed was a pitch fork! Poor babies. This week-end too my God Daughter's great aunt decided that they should be married to eachother one day! We laughed about that too. Pre-arraging the marriages. How old fashioned!
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I love the picture at the Christening, you guys both look great!

I can't believe you're trying for another baby so soon - I still feel ill at the thought of going through pregnancy and the new born stage again. you're very brave!

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