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Thursday, August 02, 2007
This has been a crazy month...Adam had surgery on July 5th to repair a hernia, then his dad passed away on July 6th. It was sad to see him go but at the same time we did not want to see him suffer anymore. The memorial is this week-end. It is the same weekend that Adam's mom passed away 3 years ago so it is like a double whammy. But the service will be nice because the headstone will be unveiled so it will be nice to also remember her too.
Adam is healing well from his surgery...low and behold he had no complications this time. Imagine that! LOL.
He also got a new job! Hauling cars which is a great paying job and means....(drum roll please) I may not have to return to work. If all goes well that is. But the way it is looking right now, looks really good!
Our house is still sitting on the market. I hate this waiting in Limbo game. I know that it has to sell will 6 months on the 5th...but enough already. The offer on the other house has expired and we have opted not to renew it. We will just wait and see and when ours sells then we can go back in with an unconditional offer if that house is still available and maybe get it for cheaper. I just have to keep remembering that God has great plans for us and to keep positive.
Still not pregnant again...but again I refer to the above sentence.
Jake is doing amazing. I can not believe how he never ceases to amaze me. He is so busy and so damn funny. We laugh at him so much sometimes it hurts. He weighs 18 pounds 14 ounces and is 28 inches long. He is wearing size 9 months now so he is right where he should be. What a great little boy he is. We have started teaching him sign language and he just laughs everytime we show him a is really funny..but anyday now I know he will do it back to us and we will be amazed. He still has yet to say Mama...but Dada is always being muttered. It's become quite the joke in our household. And his little sick sense of humour keeps us chuckling.
We had dinner with my cousins the other night, we had not seen them in a really lind time so it was so nice to be with them. I hope that this was the beginning of renewed friendship. I would love that a lot.
Anyway, that's all that's new.
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