Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Yes, our house is sold. Amen. We move November 30th! I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work there is to do, but I know I can do it. The new house we bought is great. It is in the same neighborhood I grew up in and we will be living on the same street that I played on as a child. I love the thought that my children will grow up playing there too. We are a 5 minute walk to Wal-Mart and other shopping and about 10 minutes to "downtown" and the library. I love the location.
Jacob is doing well. He is such a clown. I love his personality. It is crazy to think that he will be 1 in 11 days. Seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to deliver him. His birthday is going to be quick the party. There were 75 people invited! Some of those people are out of town so I know they will not be coming. When we give a party-we give a party! My mom has something planned...she won't tell me what it is and I am just as happy to be surprised on the day of. I think it is so cool that she cares so much for Jake to plan something. I can not wait to see what it is.
Jake has gotten really good at going to bed. I so happy that we finally got it together. I am now working on nap time. Today, he did really good. No fighting at all.
Anyway, all is well in the Noble house.
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