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Saturday, January 05, 2008
I had my blood work done and it confirmed I am pregnant. My BHCG was around 77 so exactly where it should be for the stage I am at. We will be repeating the Beta's this week to be sure that they are continuing to double. But with the CBC's she did my hemo-globincame back really low. 101 when they should be around 120. So I am on Preg-Vit, iron, calcium and stool softeners. Hey anything to make this a healthy, viable pregnancy.
I feel fine. Just a bit of nausea about the same amount I had with Jacob. So far I have been lucky.
Once again though I do find myself consumed with being pregnant. It's pretty much all I think about. LOL. I have noticed my tummy bloating a bit and some of my pants feel a bit tight in that area already. Of coarse I am blaming the pregnancy and not the Christmas Holiday cookies! LOL.
I will be seeing the doctor that delivered Jacob this pregnancy. He was not the my OB last time but I really liked him a lot. He was very nice and comforting. I liked his manner better than the OB I had last time. I should have my first appointment with him in February sometime I am guessing. My GP also will be scheduling my 6-8 ultrasound this week. I am excited to have that. I know with Jake and 7 weeks 3 days he really did not look like much...but I could see his little heart beating and that was enough to send me to heaven and back.
Anyway, lots happening this next week so I will be sure to keep posted.
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Congratulations, T!

I hope everything is still going smoothly, T!

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