40 pounds gone forever

Thursday, October 20, 2005
Yesterday was 8 weeks out and I am down 40 pounds. 211. I am so happy.
Tonight is the first meeting of the support group, I don't think there will be many people attending. Barix did not have enough time to get a letter out to the past patients in order to tell them about the meeting. Next month will be better. Plus, I will be asking Dr Pop to join us for that one.
Someone is coming to look at our house http://www.mls.ca/PropertyDetails.aspx?PropertyID=4024261tomorrow. I pray to St Joseph at least 10x a day asking him for his help on selling my house. We are going to visit another house http://www.mls.ca/PropertyDetails.aspx?PropertyID=4054691 on Saturday. It looks beautiful. I really hope all works out.
Adam and I celebrated our third anniversary yesterday. He sent me a dozen roses at work. It was a nice touch. The card made me cry... it read, Three years down, a lifetime to go. He and my father built a closet on our bedroom yesterday. It looks great. It is sad that I waited three years for that closet and now I hope it is not mine for much longer. LOL.
I start treatment this month for the ova donation program. I am nervous and excited both. I pray that this works for the recipient couple.
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Comments for 40 pounds gone forever
Hi Tam,
I have just finally had the chance to read all your messages. Love the pictures of your house and also think the one you're looking at is awesome too. Sorry to hear about your friend. Know exactly how she is feeling about losing the precious life inside her. Hope she is feeling better. It does start to get better over time, but she will never ever forget this horrible feeling. Say hi to Adam (feel like I know him and haven't met him yet). Sorry I missed your anniversary. Didn't remember when it was. Hope you had a nice night.:)Well gotta get ready for work now. Keep up the good work and give me a call sometime. I have a doctor's appt. on Tues. and will let you know how it goes.
Love ya

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