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Monday, October 31, 2005
We worked so hard to get the house ready for this open house. It was a very productive week-end. I will be posting pictures this week sometime so that you can see the progress I have made with my weight as well as the changes in the house. Adam and my dad worked really hard. Thanks guys. It was a waste of time for our real estate agent as only one loely guy showed up. We saw him coming in and he looked like he was just out for a Sunday drive and saw the sign and thought what the heck. The listing lasts another month. I doubt anything will come from it.
On the weight loss front... I am down to 205.5. I feel great. I need a pair of jeans that fit me and I have none. I will have to go out and see if I can find a not too expensive pair. I checked at Value Village, but could not find a pairI liked well enough.
Adam was told to stay off work for another month so he is home. I think he would have rather gone to work since I am sure he will be given some honey do lists. LOL.
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