Wedding Bells

Friday, May 19, 2006
Adam is standing in a wedding this weekend. He will be very busy all weekend. Tomorrow I am going to get my nails done then buy the happy couple a present.
On Sunday, my parents are coming over so that my dad can help Adam put the closet they built together in October back together. On Wednesday night, I went to go into the closet only to find that the shelf and the rod had fallen out of the wall! LOL. It was quite laughable. So our clothes are now on the floor in the middle of our bedroom. We are going to get a closet organizer and rebuild the inside of the closet. Just something else to spend our porch fund on! That porch just keeps getting further away. I swear November is not that far away and we have so much to do. We want to buy a new fridge for the kitchen build a breakfast bar and move the microwave stand across the room then put up a small mural over the breakfast bar so that it would appear you were sitting in front of a window looking out into a meadow lay some new linoleum down. Then we want to redo the tub surround in our bathtub and re-do the flooring. We put cermaic tile in 3 years ago and I hate it I want to take it out and get a nice sheet of linoleum to put down. Next we want to paint the living room and maybe the dining room but that room has cathedral ceilings so I would want to hire someone for that. I am not about to paint that myself. The other rooms are fine for me. Then of coarse we need to assembly the nursery! That will the most fun of all I can not wait for that. We have to find out what we are having then it will be fun to decide. I already have a few options but can't choose till I know for sure! So we have a lot of work to do and very little money to do it with! It will be interesting to see how much gets completed. The ulimate for me though would be to sell the dump and buy a new house! But then I woke up! LOL.
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