Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Adam bought me a fetal heartbeat monitor. It is amazing. You can hear the heartbeat, talk to the baby, read to the baby, and play the baby music. It's the one form Motherhood materinty. We treid using it and could hear little movements but it said we probably would not hear the heartbeat until about 5 months. I can't wait.
I see Dr Mundle tomorrow, I am looking forward to talking with him about mid-wifery and seeing where he stands on the issue for me. If he is unsure about it then I will hit with my plan to have him and only him deliver our baby. We'll see how that works out for me! I also hope he can show me the baby again and tells me when we will book the next ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby! I can not wait for that.
We finally decided on a name for our girl should we be having one!!!
Saulina Florence Noble. Saul was my grandfather's name and Florence was my grandma's and is Adam's grandma's name. So it's perfect. The baby is due the day before my grandpa's birthday so it's so fitting. And of coarse the boy will be Jacob Adam Warren. Adam changed it from Saul to Warren because he thought that if we had a boy this time and used Saul then we wouldn't want to use Saulina for our girl! My father's hebrew name is Yankle which can be translated into english as Jacob, Adam of coarse comes from Hubby and Warren is my dad's middle name. If it was my choice I would just have Jacob Warren so that his first two initials match my dad's (it's a jewish naming thing) but Adam really wants a Jr and I don't so we comprimised that way. All the boys in ADam's family have 3 names anyway so this way the tradition fits. If you but Jake's initials together they spell JAWN! Sounds like John! LOL. Too funny. Saulina's are fine SFN. Simple. So that's setteled. Now we just have find out what we are having and we'll be all set.
Happy Mother's Day to all out there. Hope it's a nice day for you. The weather here sucks! But I am not letting ruin my day! I am wearing a maternity top today!
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Have fun with that monitor! Dave got me one when I was about 6 months along. One night in bed he completely freaked me out...I was listening with my eyes closed, and heard a strange noise...was the baby murmuring in the womb??? Silly me and my melting momma's brain...it was Dave, talking into the monitor! Grr...pretty funny though!

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