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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
I saw Dr Mundle on Monday and everything is going well. I am measuring right on target and the baby looks good. He tried to hear the heartbeat and everytime he found it the baby would "swim" away. It was so funny because that is what Jake used to do too. So he took me in to the ultrasound room and we got a sneak peek! I asked him if it was too early to see the sex of the baby and he said we could take a look. However, Sweet Pea had their back to us and as Dr Mundle put it, "unless your baby has a penis he could use as a weapon, were unlikely to see anything!" So, it's good to know there is no weapon in there but I will have to be patient and wait until April 28th when I have my official untrasound to find out. It seems so far away, but I am sure it will go by fast...God willing. The heartrate was 140, so I am convinced that the baby is a boy. Although, with Jake his heartrate was always in the 160's and I thought for sure he was going to be a girl...and well, we all know how that panned out. LOL. Anyway it really does not matter. But, I can not wait to find out for sure. I am still very tired, I had started to feel better but the tiredness came back. The Dr said we will continue with the oral iron for the next month and repeat the bloodwork 1 week before the ultrasound and if it is not better then we will talk about starting a regimine of IV iron. I think that because of my gastric bypass, even though I am taking in 800mg of iron a day only a portion of that is being absorbed. A friend of mine, who too had Gastric Bypass told me about a pouch absorption test that is available. I may call the hospital where I had my surgery and see if they know anything about that. I know here in Canada they will not have heard of that. So, I hope that the oral iron starts kicking in soon...
I have gained a total of 8 pounds since finding out I am pregnant. Not too bad...but with Jakey it took me 5 months to gain that much weight! I guess things are different this time around since I am home and have access to food anytime I want it. LOL.
I can not wait for the warmer weather to get here. I hate Winter so much. I know that once Spring is here Jake and I will get out a lot more. Jake just loves being outdoors. The cold air does not even seem to bother him. I really should take him out more often to keep him liking being outside.
Jake had his first ice cream cone the other day and loved it so much. He did really good with it and made very little mess. My mom, dad, Adam and I were killing ourselves laughing at how much fun he was having with it. He is such a joy. Was there life before Jake?
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