Not a good fit

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Everytime I say the name "Andrew" in reference to our yet to be born baby it just does not feel right! I can not get around it. So as of now our new baby is nameless. Adam says then we have to wait til he is born to choose a name for him. I am ok with that. I think that will be exciting, to wait and see what he looks like then give the kid a name! So for now he is known as "Baby Noble # 2."
Kind of reminds of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's where the cat had no name. Just cat. And then Holly said "Well, then I'll some furniture and give the cat a name!" "Poor Cat, poor slob without a name!" So that's our son....Poor Kid, poor slob without a name. Just like cat. Hey maybe there is name from that movie we could use. I'll have to take another gander at the movie and see if anything sticks out.
Right now, I like the name Alexander...but, Adam does not like Alex...I said that was ok because maybe we could call him Zander. He didn't seem to mind that too much and I like the way Jake and Zander sound together. But would you spell it with the X? Xander? Or change it up with the Z? So hard to decide. We'll see. I'll keep you posted if anything changes or we have a name epiphany.
My cousin got married on Saturday. It was a nice day. I was so happy for them that the weather was so nice. The girls dresses were a really pretty cherry red colour and so beautiful. I loved her colour scheme. Now they are honeymooning in St. Lucia, sucks to be them. LOL.
Well all is well on the pregnancy front...Nothing new to report, other than the name thing.
Jake has (at least the last 3 days) decided he does not need an afternoon nap. Must to my chagrin, I have to say! I am going to keep trying because I still need my nap! LOL. But, it's been a 90 minute struggle with no nap resulting in the end. And when I put him to bed earlier he resists that too. And is not sleeping in later either. In fact this morning he awoke rather early! Little stinker. Oh well maybe it's just a phase. I hope it passes with naps.
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Good luck with the naming process! Our names are all ready to go, but the kid isn't exactly in any position to let us know which one we're going with yet. I can't believe we're past the 25 week park already. Sheesh!

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