Week 25 Appointment

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Went well with no complications. I was concerned because I had not been feeling a lot of movemnet from the baby but Dr Mundle explained to me that my placenta was on the front of my uterus this time and that it was absorbing some of the "shock" from the kicks of the baby. So not to worry. Lately though I have been feeling stronger movements and that makes me feel better. I love that feeling. Iwill see the doctor in 3 weeks and then every two weeks after that. I have my next ultrasound at week 30 and then the next one at 34 weeks. We will also be going for our 3D ultrasound around week 33 I am very excited about that ultrasound.
I have started playing the baby music before bed time and either he really likes it or is irratated by it because he moves around a lot when he hears it. I did the same for Jacob and I think it really helped in his development. The statics say that babies who are played music in utero are stronger, sit up sooner, walk faster etc. I know with Jake that seems true because he did all of that at an early age. I was thinking one night that maybe I do not want this baby to start those things as early..lol. But, how can I offer one of my children an advantage and not the other?
Still no decision in the name department. This week I like Michael Lawerence...we'll see by next.
Tomorrow being Father's Day we are going to my parents for a barbeque and a swim...hopefully the weather hold up. We bought my dad a digital picture frame for his desk at work and I loaded all the pictures on it yesterday. I want one, it is so awesome.
I have been feeling kind of funky lately. I miss Adam a lot because he works nights. I feel a bit isolated and alone. He has been on nights for almost a year now and I feel like a single parent most of the time. He comes home early in the morning and goes to bed ussually before we are awake...then he gets up for lunch with us most days then Jake and I go for our naps, by the time we wake up its nearly dinner time and then he leaves by 6pm. I feel bad for Adam too because he only sees Jake for about 2 hours a day. I know he has to work and I do not begrudge him at all. I know it is not his choosing to be "gone" so much. It's just hard because I am really a stay at home mom which I know is what I wanted and I do love that I can be here for our son..he brings so much joy to my life...I just never expected it to be so tiring! I can not imagine though how much more tiring it would be if I had to get up with him in the morning...and get us both ready, drop him off at day care and then go to work all day, pick him up at day care then come home make dinner, play with him. do bath, and bed time too. I would rather be as tired as I am then know what that tired is! I give working moms so much credit. I think they are so strong. So I know there are pluses and minuses to both situations but these hormones sometimes make it hard to see. I am so grateful that Adam has this job so that I can stay home that is the main thing, sometimes I just loose site of that. Hopefully the next time the runs come up for bids he can get on a day shift.
Anyway, nothing else has been really going on. Just hanging out with my boy and playing in the new pool my dad bought him. He loves the water so much and the weather has been so hot lately.
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