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Monday, June 19, 2006
UPDATE: IT'S A BOY! Will update more later.

Today is the day we go to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am nervous and excited both. My father and Adam are going to be there so that is exciting. My mom has to work! They will be doing a "level 2" anatomical ultrasound today to be sure everything with Babeboo is progressing well. I am sure things are fine, but it's still kinda nerve racking. Once I see the little jelly bean on the screen I will feel better. It's been since April that we've seen him/her and I kinda miss him/her.
Everyone in my family...expect Adam, thinks I am carrying a girl...There is one lady at work and of coarse Adam who think I am carrying a boy. I am carrying all around and in my butt. My mom has always believed that means girl, but the lady at work she believes that is boy based on the fact that that is how she carried her boys. Me? Well I have always seen myself as a mother of boys and I thought right up until I found out we were pregnant then I thought...girl and did right up til about 3 weeks ago when I starting feeling I might be carrying a boy. If the way I am carrying and the baby's heartbeat are any indication, then I think we are having a girl. Does it matter? No, not at all. We have waited so long for this that I am just happy to be becoming a mother.
I will update this as soon as we get back so hang tight. Our appointment is at 9:00am Eastern Standard time and then I see Dr Mundle at 930am. I should be back to work around 1030.
Talk to you soon.
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