Week 30 Ultrasound

Friday, July 11, 2008
I know I should have pics to go along with this post but it is 11:30 at night and I am too tired to go get them to scan them in! LOL.
But it went well, he is still a boy (thankfully), he is right on track and he weighs about 3 pounds 9 ounces.The tech had a hard time getting some of the measurements because he was moving around so much. Also he was not yet "breathing" on his own...but she said they just start doing it at 30 weeks and not to worry. They will see it next time at our 34 week ultrasound. Dr Mundle was happy and told me to keep doing what I do best! LOL. Also I lost a pound...so that puts me up 28 pounds! 3 more than with Jake. It's so hard to see the scale going up since I have worked so hard to get my excess weight off but I know come September I will kick my butt to get back to where I was and then hopefully smaller even. I would love to get to my goal. I will not allow myself to get pregnant again until I am at my goal..
The weather has been great and hot..I am loving it. Jake and I have been using his pool a bit but mostly we go to my parent's house and swim there. I am so happy Jake likes the water as much as he does.
Jake turned 20 months old on the 9th and got his first haircut. My mom did it as it is a tradition in our family that she do all the first haircuts on the kids. (She used to be a hairdresser) He moved around a lot so she had a hard time. But nonetheless it looks cute and he looks more like a little boy now. Which makes me sad. He has been talking so much lately and loves to hear new words, he gets so proud of himself when says new things. Today he wanted a pool noodle at my mom's so he said "noonle?" I said, "please???" so then he said, "pease noonle!" it was so adorable. I just love the way he pronounces things. He is such a treasure.
We have narrowed down the name search to three: Gavin, Ryan or Matthew. So now we just have to continue saying them and see which one fits in the end. I can not believe how hard it is this time to name the baby. With Jacob we just knew. For awhile I was thinking that maybe the tech was wrong last time and really we were having a girl and that was why none of the boy names were sounding right. But that is not the case.
Anyway, gotta run to bed. We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow and I need some sleep.
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Comments for Week 30 Ultrasound
I hope things are going well over there, T! You've been quiet!


Thinking of you Tammy and hope you are doing well.

I hope everything is well for you Tammy. Your in my thoughts.

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