Monday, July 24, 2006
I started my new shift last Thursday and it's going great. I love it. It goes by fast and I feel a more rested and less stressed.
My mom, Adam and I went to Babies R Us to register on the week-end. It was a lot of fun. I felt lost not really knowing what to register for! But, I am sure if I have forgotten anything I will have time to pick it up after the shower.
My mom and I put together the shower thank-you's this weekend so that's a big job done. And we ordered the shower invites and the thank you cards. They are so cute, I love them. They will be ready this week-end for us to pick up then it's addressing them and sending them out. The RSVP is for September 1st so we are going to get them out by the end of the first week of August!
Dr Mundle booked me an ultrasound once a month till I deliver because he wants to be sure that little boy blue is growing like he should be! Exciting to be able to see him each month now. My first one is on August 9th. I think my mom is going to come with me since she has not yet been to one.
Adam read to the baby the other night with the little microphone thing that we got with the baby monitor and the baby loved it well at least he jumped around a lot and I liked it! LOL. Adam is going to be sure to keep reading to him.
Adam started a new job last week and worked a tonne of hours. This week and going forward he will be on a dedicated run so at least he knows what he is working. I like that better. So does he.
Other than that nothing else is new.
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Mombian had a great list of recommendations of things to register for or buy for a first child. Check it out and enjoy the process!

Start with the essentials first. I remember doing the wedding registry and kicking ourselves for putting too much of everything when there are certain things we really wanted and others that were just impulse add-ons to the registry!

wahhhhh I can't find your registry :(
I don't see your or hubbys name on a search woe is me.

It's so much fun pointing that price gun and clicking on cute baby stuff! Can you put a link on your blog to the registry?

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