Week 39 OB Appointment

Monday, November 06, 2006
All is well. Nothing is indicating that we are near the end other than that we have 7 days till the due date. We had an ultrasound today and it showed that the fluid is still fine. I thought I was having some leakage but it must have been urine!
I see Dr Mundle again next Wednesday. If Jacob has not celebrated his birthday by then I may talk to to the dr about induction for the following week. We'll see. He said that at this point he's ready when I'm ready. But I said that I wanted to wait and let nature take its coarse at this point. As much as I want him here... I want him safe and also I would really like to experience the whole labour thing from the beginning. I think it is going to be neat. I can not wait.
I will continue to try to post daily...to keep you updated. Its not like I have a lot to do now anyway! LOL.
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Comments for Week 39 OB Appointment
I hold my breath every time I click on your page! C'mon, Jake, your mommy is tired and probably wants to sleep on her tummy again!

Don't worry about the scale. I gained only 14 lbs my entire pregnancy (I was at my heaviest weight when I started) and three of those were the last week! Jake is just putting on weight at this point and you will get more fluid retention that last week. You'll be amazed how fast nursing will rip the fat off you. Seriously, you will be able to eat like a teenager. :::sigh::: those were the good old days!

Have you and Adam gone out for any last hurrahs? I would definitely try to take in a movie or a quiet dinner since those things are hard to do with a brand-new baby (because you can't bear to leave them!). And try to sleep in! Conserve your strength for labor! And for posting updates, of course =)

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