Pics of Benjamin

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
They went in backwards... so Birth is at the bottom...1.5 months and then today at the top...
He is so funny.
I will post more later... All is well.

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Computer Problems

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
So I know I have been very neglectful..but since July our computer has been down and hubby just sat down to fix it last night.
As you have guessed...our son has been born.
We chose to name him Benjamin Saul.
He was born 2 weeks 5 days early on August 27th at 2:45AM He was tiny...weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and was 18 inches long. He is perfect and wonderful.
Jacob has tunred two and has adjusted well to being a big brother. He calls the Ben...My Baby and wants to hug, hold and kiss him all the time.
It has been an adjustment but has gone quite well. Ben started sleeping 6 hours at night at 4 weeks and by 8 weeks we was sleeping 8 hours. How could I complain about that?
Since our computer was down I have not had a chance to download any pictures of him...once I do you will see him. He is beautiful. He is very different from Jake. Hard to imagine they are brothers. LOL.
I am struggling with my weight. I have been making very poor food choices. I need to fix myself or I am at risk of gaining my weight back. I am scared.
I promise to be better at posting now that I can.
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