Marks Work Wearhouse

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
I used to work for Marks Work Wearhouse the year I got married. I loved the clothes, but I was too big to waer anything except the socks and the shoes. This weekend we were in London visiting Adam's aunt and we went to a Marks. They had jeans on sale for $10. They were a size 30. I held them up and they looked small. But, I thought what the hell I'll try them on anyway. They fit. I was so excited. I had to buy them. I know it won't be long before I grow out of them but I could not resist. Nw I just have to get them hemmed!! LOL joys of being a short ass.
I am still feeling good. Hardly ever queasy. I am very thankful for that. I am feeling less tired lately but my boobs still ache. I can not believe it is already 11 weeks 2 days. It seems like just yesterday I took the HPT. I know that things will start to slwo down a bit but for now I am enjoying that it is going fast. It's the 2nd trimester I am looking the most forward to. I hear that is the most fun. I can not wait till I feel the little tadpole move around. That will be funny.
On Friday my friend and are going to the states to shop for maternity clothes for her and then to look at nurseries for us both. She is due in September and she asked me to be Godmother, that I am so excited for. We are both excited that we'll get to share most of our mat leave together.
A friend of mine was pregnant last year at this time, she had her baby in December. Anyway we pregnant during the same seasons so she lent me 2 rubber maid containers full of mat clothes. Size mediums and larges!! I just need to get some navy pants, undies and a couple more bras and I'll be all set. How lucky am I? She is such a good friend.
Adam and I are going to St Jacob's this weekend to meet a friend of mine I have not see since 2000. We met on a trip to Jamaica and she is a good "long distance" friend. I am very excited to see her again. She just started dating a new guy so I am excited to meet him and she is equally excited to meet Adam.
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Cordially Uninvited

Monday, April 24, 2006
I forgot when we started to talk about adoption with CAS that they had said when adopting you have to be 100% commited to adopting at the time. You can not be working on fertility treatment options at the same time or preoccupied with something else like a pregnancy.
Today the case worker called to congratulate us on our pregnancy and to let us know we would be welcome to come to the classes once our baby is born and we have settled into life as new parents. This is because they don't want our child or an adopted child to be disrupted by a life changing event when one is already happening within the household. I totally understand and am not at all upset. It just was not meant to be at this time.
Adam said yesterday that he is more interested in Fostering anyway, so maybe that is the path we will be lead to take. Either way, I am finally happy with the direction my life is taking. I am exaclty where I should be and loving it. Everything else is just gravy!
Also a big double congrats goes out to my friend Milenka who just had her first ultrasound and is having TWINS!!! Yeah for you Milenka. There were to heart beats so all is looking well. I am so happy for her! Please pray for her and little bundles of love.
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Another Parenting Decision

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
We are going! He is a bit apprehensive because he feels now that we are pregnant why should we allow ourselves to be scrutinzed and placed under a microscope. I said taking the training will not hurt and it will be good for us to be able to say that we looked at virtually every option. We have so much love to give to any children that I don't want to deprive ourselves of providing a home to a child that would maybe otherwise sit in the system for eternity. I wish I could save them all however I know that is unrealistic.
There is a reason we were invited to this one, it will be God's will to show us why. I do not want to turn the opportunity down. I may one day regret it if we do.
It starts next Tuesday and goes for 10 weeks.
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Children's Aid Society

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Last May Adam and I submitted paperwork to CAS for adoption. We have been waiting and waiting for them to call us about a training session that was to take place. We received the call today. It starts next Tuesday. What to do? The maternal instincts in my say go, take the training. It can only help and the more the merrier. Plus, who knows if we will ever be able to have another miracle on own. I feel like I want to keep my options open. Of coarse, Adam will think differently than I. He will say we are pregnant we don't need to adopt now. But too me its less about needing to and more about wanting to. I want to give a child home. I want to mother a child and nuture a child that had a less than optimal start in life. It may take years before CAS offers us a child anyway so what harm will it be to take the coarse? Then I think: what if there is a childless couple out there next on the list that should take our place. Am I being greedy if I accept to take the training because we have been granted a miracle of our own biology? I don't know. I just know that for almost a year I have waited with baited breath for this invite and I really don't want to turn it down. Now its just to convince Adam he feels the same way. Wish me luck!
My father predicted this would happen. He said everything for you will come all at once. You watch. Man I hate it when my parents are right! LOL.
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Monday, April 17, 2006
Ok so I was there forever. He had 2 emergency c sections and another delivery to attend to. So we got there at 11 and were seen by him at 245pm!!! He was well worth the wait though. What a doll. He used that little doppler and we could hear a bit of the heartbeat but it was very weak...then the baby kicked the doppler and made us all laugh. So he took me across the hall to the ultrasound room and we got to see the little peanut. It looked much more like a baby this time and we saw the heartbeat. Then he turned on the machine and we heard the heartbeat. It was amazing. He said that everything is looking good and that once the heartbeat is seen the chance for loosing the pregnancy goes down to about 2%. I feel like I can finally breath. He said my blood work looked great and that my hemoglobin was high so he is not concerned about that. He said that I will have a few more ultrasounds to make sure the baby is developing at the normal rate since nutrition is a factor for us. He said that he really was not concerned with it though, but that it would be something we would watch to make sure it stayed in check. All in all a very good visit. I see him again on the 15th of May and rest assured I asked for the first appointment of the day!! LOL. Hopefully, I will not be there as long next time. Also I really hope this baby decides to come during the week so that he will be delivering our baby. But time will tell that for sure. I can not wait till May 15th now.
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On My Way

I am leaving soon for my appointment with Dr Mundle. I am nervous and excited. I hope he can find the heart beat. Adam is off today so he will be coming with me. I feel like I have a million questions and I can't think of any to ask. DUH! I will update when I get back. I am trying to remain positive that it will go well, but the other side of me thinks only doom impends! Time will tell.
This weekend, I was so tired. Friday we had our niece and I thought I would just fall over I was so tired. It was quite funny! She was awesome as always. I also felt a bit nauseaus which is unusual for me. On Sunday, I took a shower and had to lay down right after because I felt very spit uppy!! Luckily, I did not though. I am not compalining mind you. I would gladly be sick if it meant I was carrying a healthy, viable pregnancy.
My aunts, uncle and cousin all bought us really cute figurines. My one aunt knit us some cute booties and then gave us an angel that is so beautiful and is knitting booties. There is a really nice poem attached to it that made me cry about angels watching over my pregnancy. My other aunt, uncle and cousin gave us two cherished teddies, one is a pregnant bear the other is a mother bear sitting beside a cradle. They are both called awaiting the arrival. So sweet. It was so thoughtful of them to do that for us. They are so excited for us.
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Back From The Ball

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We had such a good time at the Ball. It was so nice be amongst people who have had the surgery and understood where we have all been. One support group leader gave a really great talk about life after the surgery. It was very reaffirming. I don't think there was a dry eye in the hall!
I have uploaded some pictures to my Flikr account, but I will try to get one or two here too.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
I am so happy for my good friend Milenka. She found out she is pregnant and things are looking very positive for her. I have such a good feeling that this will be her time.
My friend Melinda, her hubby and their little girl are moving home to Ontario from Alberta today. I am so excited to have her home again. They will be living in the same city as us and that will the first time since we were in highschool. It will be so nice to have them close. Her pregnancy is progressing well, she is in her 13th week. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarium. Which is really bad sickness. She had to spend six nights in a hospital to replenish her electrolytes. She is starting to keep food down now. I pray that she will be better soon. It will be so nice to have someone to share pregnancy with. Her baby is due 2 months before ours so we will also get to share maternity leave together. It will be nice to have someone to go to Mommy and Me things together.
I picked up the bolero jacket I had the dress maker make for me. It turned out really nice. I am happy with how it looks with the dress. The ball is this weekend and we are all looking very forward to going. We will be staying over night and will be nice to get away-even if just for one night.
We are celebrating Adam's birthday on Sunday with cake and ice cream with our family. My aunt and uncle just returned from Arizona for 2.5 months so I can not wait to see them. Our house is so small but and we will have about 14 people there but I love entertaining so it will be fun. My two cousins will bring their daughters and they are so funny together. I love to see them interact.
As far as my pregnancy...all is well. I wish I felt more pregnant though. I did have some nausea last night so that made me feel hopeful. LOL. I can not wait to see Dr Mundle so that he can find the heart beat and I can hear that. Once that happens I will be more relaxed and it will feel more real to me. My cousin gave me a journal to write down all my thoughts and hopes and dreams and she wrote me the most beautiful letter. I read it to my mom and dad and they were both crying. It was so nice to hear what she had to say.
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