Tuesday, September 26, 2006
We went to Babies R Us on Sunday and returned some items we received two of from the shower and we put the money towards our stroller and infant car seat. It worked out great because with the gift cards we also received we were able to not have to spend any of our own money to buy it.
We ended up choosing a different model than we had registered for because there was this really great sales rep working who explained the benefits and features of the Quattro Stroller and even though it was more money we liked the features better and the colour too. The other one was blue and green plaid but this one is black and tan and matches the van a lot better. I am glad that we did not receive the stroller we registered for because then we would not have had the opportunity to buy this one. Everything works out for a good reason.
Today Adam put it together and it looks so good in our dining room! LOL. I can not wait to use it with Jacob. 7 Weeks to go.
Also we moved the computer and the curio cabinet over so that we would have more room for Jake's swing and his playtime toys. The dining room looks a lot bigger and then once we move our big chair to my parents then we will have even more room for him. We are getting a glider with ottoman and it will take up less room. Adam will be putting the final coat of drywall in the nursery tomorrow then he can sand it on Thursday and he will be making the lines so that my mom and I can paint the second colour on the wall. So the painting will be done on Friday and we will be putting the stencil up on Saturday. Hopefully then we can put the chair rail up on Sunday and then my dad and Adam can build the crib. Oh I can not wait to see the crib in that room. It will be so much more real then. It will be hard to keep me out of there I will be so busy day dreaming. Except that there is a lot more work to be done in the house in the next 7 weeks so I will be busy completed that stuff! I want to paint the living room and the dining room. But I think Adam will have to paint the dining room because we have cathedral ceilings and I am too short! Plus I should not be stretching near that much. Luckily my mom is a lot more healthy now and she can also do a lot of the work! LOL. She said she did not mind and she actually enjoys painting. The rooms themselves are not that big so I know it will take long to paint them. Then we just have to put up the new doors in our room, the bathroom and the baby's room and we have to put up the new counter we bought for the breakfast nook in the kitchen and we will be pretty much finished the reno's we have planed for the house. Our bedroom paint can wait for the New Year! That too has cathedral ceilings and is the biggest room in the whole house! I will need Adam's help with that one for sure. Last year he had shut down in March so this year if he has shut down then we can paint the bedroom at that time. Then I think Adam wants to put the house up for sale. All this work for someone else to enjoy! But I think the house would sell better with fresh paint anyway so its worth it. I am not sure if we will be ready to move at that time, but in our neighborhood... we live on the lake we have to put it up for sale in the spring/summer because fall/winter it gets too dreary out here. So we'll see if we do not put it up this Spring coming then we would have to wait untill the Spring of 08. It will pretty much depend on if we are pregnant in the Spring. We could not have 2 babies in this house. If we are not pregnant by the Spring then we will probably wait to sell it. I would like to be pregnant right away but who knows what God has in store for us.
Anyway enough of me going on and on once I have some progress pictures I will update.
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Weight Gain

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I had my OB appointment yesterday... Week 32. All is well. Nothing new. Heartrate for Jake is great very steady. I told him I was having some cramping in my lower abdomen, but he didn't seem concerned. I gained 5 pounds! OMG. It's hard to see the scale going up that much in 2 weeks. I know that at this point it is going to go up faster but I almost had a heart attack! I know that 1 pound of that is probably baby, but 4 pounds of fat? I am at a gain of 19 pounds now. I was hoping to only gain 25 pounds total. I am going to get out and walk everyday now to try to keep the gain in check.
There are about 7 weeks left before our due date and with Jake gaining 1/2 pound a week now. I anticipate gaining another 5 pounds. That is what I am prepared for! Anything more than that I just might panic. LOL. Ok so I know I sound like an ass but I have come so far and don't want to jeopardize my success. I am happy that we became pregnant and that Jacob will be home to us in less than 2 months I never thought that would happen, but I want to be able to get to my healthy weight. The fact that Jacob is being born when the winter is starting makes it hard to go for walks, but my mom and I will be going to the mall a few times a week for exercise and I want to get a baby and mommy yoga tape so that I can work out with Jacob. Once the spring rolls around it will be great. But, again I do not want to rush my little man's life away.. He's not even here yet, and I want to enjoy every minute of his littleness. They grow so fast.
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Our Shower

Monday, September 18, 2006
Yesterday was our shower. It was so nice to see everybody there. We had about 50 people so it was just the right size. We recieved so many nice gifts and everyone was just so genuinely happy for us. It really was the right mix of people and the people who love us so much. I felt a lot of love in the room. Of coarse there were some people who love us a lot who could not be there and they were missed. But there has been some crap going on lately that made me question some peoples presence in my life. Those are the people that were not missed.
We just a have a few things to purchase now.. not too much. We will work on finishing the nursery before we worry about what else needs to be purchased. Right now Jake's room is full of gifts and there is very little room to move around the floor! It looks like a baby store. He is a very lucky boy to have so many people love him already.
We sure do have a lot of laundry to do this week. But it will be so cute to really look at the clothes again.
We have just 7 weeks till his due date! OMG I can not believe it. That is so amazing.
Last night as I was writing out the thank-you notes for all the lovely goodies we recieved, my right breast leaked milk! It was the weirdest thing. I could feel that my breast was wet and when I looked down I noticed that my nightgown was also wet. When I squeezed my nipple a little bit more liquid came out. It has not done it since and it was just that one breat so far but it was quite funny!
Our friends that we met on our cruise came for the shower. They live in Cincinnatti and they drove up on Friday night and spent the week-end with us. It was so nice to see them. I miss them now that they have left for home! They just had a little boy 7 months ago and let me tell you... He is the sweetest little guy ever. I fell in love with him. He is so pleasant and happy. I hope Jacob took notes while that little man was here. It was such a pleasure to be with him. And our floor looked so good with a baby sitting/laying on it. I loved seeing that. I can't wait till He and Jacob get to be at an age where they can really interact with one another. It is so amazing to be sharing parenthood with them. They suffered with fertility too so we never thought this would happen for us. It's just such a nice surprise that it happened to us both so close together. They truly are great friends to us. It's just too bad they live so far away!
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Love at First Sight

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I fell in love this weekend. With my sweet little baby boy! Oh he is just so beautiful. We went for the second half of our 3D ultrasound. It was amazing to see how much he has changed in just under 8 weeks. He has filled out so much. I can not wait to meet him in person. He is just an angel.
Here see for yourself!
I put the one from 22 weeks first so you can compare.
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Tales from the Nursery

Sunday, September 03, 2006
Well it's official.. We have begun the work on the nursery. It is kind of scary. He is 2.5 months away from being here and sometimes I just don't feel ready. Emotionally that is. I have waited for this forever and now that it is here I find myself freaking out sometimes. Like I really question whether or not I will be able to handle everything. I thinks that normal though since most of friends have told me they went through that too. And the nursery.... well we did or should I say Adam and my dad did (credit where credit is due) a lot of work this week-end, but it just feels like there is so much more to do. I would like everything completed before the shower which is 2 weeks away from today. I can not believe that it is so close already. I am getting very excited about it. I know that the stencil I ordered for the top of the wall will not be in until the shower because I had to order it from the states and the I had it shipped to one of the girls that is coming to the shower so she will bring it with her. So I know for sure that will not be done till after. I am ok with that since I had to fight for that border and have it custom made for Jacob's room. The bedding we registered for did not come with border. On the bedding there is a phrase that reads "Sweet Dreams Baby Bear" So the stencil I bought has theat text in the same font as on the bedding. I will be repeating that phrase at the top of the wall around the room. The top of the walls will be a tan colour the bottom a light sage green and the writing will be a deeper shade of the sage green. Then in the centre we will have a wood chair rail going around the room. I think it will look really nice. I can not wait to see it completed. Our dresser...we finally found it at WalMart and it matches the crib even better than the dresser that went with the crib goes. As wierd as that seems. Adam spoke to his sister and she and their father going to be sending us a gift card to go towards the purchase of the dresser. I don't mean to be greedy, but I hope they send it soon so that we can get it built and in the room and I can organize Jake's closet. The sooner I can do that the better! So Adam managed to knock out the wall in the closet this weekend so that the opening in the closet is now 4 feet long...instead of just over 2 feet. The closet itself is 5 feet long so now we have access to the whole thing when we open the brand new wood closet doors he also installed. We bought a really neat closet organizer too that will go in tomorrow. In December we had new windows installed in the house and the "nursery" got a smaller window installed so the window company had to fill in some drywall so Adam also statred mudding the area where they filled in the hole. He has another couple coats of that to do before the wall will be ready to paint. Once I get my insurnace money....for having to go off work for sick... then we will go buy the paint and my mom and I can start painting. Once the painting is done...the crib will be ready to be put together. I can not wait to see a crib in that room. We have been dreaming of that for 4 years now... Ever since we moved in we have been referring to that room as the nursery with very little hope. Now that hope has turned into a reality! WOW. When my father in law came into our house the 1st and only time that was the first thing he asked Adam, "where's the room my granchildren will sleep" Adam showed him... and he said ok "that's all I need to see!" Our families are baby crazy what can I say!
Yesterday my mom and her sisters and my cousin and I honoured my granny's 6 year anniversary of her death. We went to dinner and to church and then went back to my aunt's house to visit. I miss my granny so much. I was very close to her and she would be sp excited right now about our baby being born. Anyway, my aunts and my cousin and my uncle surprised me with some gifts for Jacob. It was so thoughtful of them. They each gave us an outfit. My one aunt... she gave us a Winne the Pooh sleeper and an Ocean Wonder daiper shirt.. She loves anything to do with fish! She's a Pisces and fish are her favourite. So anytime we receive something with fish on it we know its from Aunt Pat. My unlce is a fisherman so he gave us an outfit that has a boat on it and says little captain with a couple fish on it. My cousin, who is more like a sister to me gave us a blue outfit with a matching bib that has a bear in an airplane and it says Little Guy on the go! So cute. My little angel neice gave us a little sleeper that is beige with three patches on it one has a bear the other a duck and the last one another animal. It looks so cozy. My last aunt... she gave us an overall set that is blue and yellow striped and has a duck on it. Then the bib she bought to go with it has the same colours and a duck and the little diuck squeeks. It is so adorable! I swear this baby is going to have so many clothes... actually he really already does. But he will be so well dressed. I can not wait to see him in his new outfits. There will be lots of pictures taken of him that's for sure. Also on Friday one of our friends that can not make it to the shower stopped by and gave us about 6 outfits for him. They are all little sleepers and they look so cute and cuddly! We really are very lucky we have so many people in our lives who love us so much. We have some quality people in our lives.
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