Sleep at night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Well we have our nights and mixed up! LOL.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening keeping a baby boy awake and feeling like the meanest mother in the whole world. But, it worked... Jacob slept 3.5 hours in a row the first stretch, woke up and ate then slept another 4 hour stretch. It was great. It had been about 2 nights since he had done that. I will have to do that again tonight and hope that after tonight it corrects itself. He is such a pleasant little man though. Even when he was so tired in the second half of the stay awake phase. He barely cried and still smiled and cooed at me. I love this child so much.
The shopping trip to the states went well. He was so good and patient with us. We had a blast. My mom and I are so good together. I treasure all our moments.
We took Jake on his first trip to Hooters on Saturday. He slept through the whole meal. He was so good.
Sunday we had our annual Chanukah dinner with my father's family. It was so great. We had such a nice time. Everyone was so happy to see Jacob again. He was smiling at my cousin. It was the sweetest thing ever. My aunt is so very smitten with him. She says she can't stop thinking about him and she misses him. It is so sweet.
Tonight Jake and I are sleeping over at my parents house because tomorrow is my mom's 1 year check up for her gastric bypass and all the people at Barix want to meet Jacob so we are going back to the states tomorrow.
Right now my son is sleeping on his Boppy pillow on my lap as I type. He is so peaceful. I don't want to move him, but I think I will because he gets a better sleep in his crib. I think I will hop back in bed so that I am rested for tonight. With the operation stay awake, Jake!
Yesterday in our efforts to keep him awake we set up his Leap Frog activity centre. He really enjoyed it and it took up about 20 minutes of time. It plays him classical music and flashes lights at him. He was pretty intent on it. He looked so cute.
I wrapped some Christmas presents yesterday too. While holding Jake in my arms. It's amazing what I have learned to do with one hand!
We got some more shopping done on Saturday we still have a few more gifts to buy. We have to get our nephew and our brother in law finished this week-end since we have to ship it to Manitoulin Island.
On Sunday we have to go to Toronto to see our laywer. Apparently he has this new hot shot lawyer that he wants to bring to our case and he wants us to meet him. Plus with the new development of Jacob we have to go over the other aspects of the case to make them stronger. Since we can't really use the fact that we can't have children now. Which is ok, becuase I would much rather have Jacob then a million dollars anyway. But, we just have to change our focus now and focus on Adam's impotence issues and the fact the he is missing a testicle. We still have a case based on that. The lawyer wants us to bring Jake but I know that if we bring him he will sleep all the way there and all the way home and then we'll be back to square one with his days and nights mixed up so I think we will leave him with my parents. That way we will not have to worry. Plus, my mom has said that they will keep him over night on the Saturday so we can get a good nights sleep. We have to get up at 6am in order to get to Toronto in time for the 11am meeting.
Anyway, there is nothing else happening. I am more in love with my son now than I was yesterday! Did not think that was possible but everyday it happens.
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News from the first 4 weeks

Friday, December 08, 2006

Our little man is now 4 weeks old. Tomorrow he will be one month! I can not believe how fast that went. I have enjoyed every second of every day with him. I love being his mommy. I can not think of a moment when he was not here. It's like my life started the moment he was born. My life is so complete now. It's amazing how someone so small can fill my life with so much love and happiness. Everyday he amazes me more and more. I knew I would love him, but this love I feel for him is indescribable. It touches my very soul.
He is starting to respond to us now. And smirk back at us when we talk to him. He is finding his voice and coos and goos all the time. He is filling out now too and his face is so chubby and so cute. His legs are getting ruffly and his hands are getting the nuckle dimples now too. I could just stare at him all day long. I like to look at every part of him because I just want to memorize his very being. When I put him down for his naps I count down the minutes till I get to be with him again! I also count the minutes of sleep I will get too! But, when he wakes up there has been only a handful of times where I have said to myself...just 5 more minutes of sleep, Jake! Please! but, then I remember that it's him I get to see when I walk into that nursery and that is motivation enough for me to get up.
I do not feel sleep deprived at all. tired? Yes, of coarse but it is a good tired. I feel so needed and productive. This is why I am here on this earth. Some people are here to find the cure for cancer or win the nobel prize... I am not destined for that greatness... I am here to love, nuture and help a little person grow into the man he will be. This is the most important cause I will ever fight for. I may not win the nobel prize for motherhood, but that's ok because I have won the best "NOBLE" prize in history!

I am a mother!
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Monday, December 04, 2006

All is well in Jakeville,
he has gained weight and is now at 7 pounds 10 ounces! Yeah boy. Almost 1 pound more than birth weight of 6 13! He is a good eater and for the most part a good sleeper. He has been a little restless the last 2 nights. Last night he had a lot of gas. It broke my heart but we only got about 2 hours sleep. Welcome to motherhood, I know. I did not feel too tired today though. We had to go to my OB to have some paperwork filled out and he did my 6 week check up and pap smear. He said all looks well. Asked me about birth control, i told him we wanted to start trying right away so we would not need any. afterall, it took us 3.5 years to have Jake! What will be will be.
Jake does have a small hole in his heart. We are told that will heal itself within a few months and that it is nothing to worry about. They will proceed with a followup heart scan at 1 year. What normally happens is that they are left with a heart murmur which our family doctor heard when we visted her last week.
I am down 7 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. I am now about 158! Wow, I feel great.
Here are some pics of my little man. He is growing so much. I see it in his face!
I will try to post more frequently.
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