Week 38 Check Up

Monday, October 30, 2006
It went well.. Jake is about 7lbs 1oz at this point. His head is about 9cm and all looks good with my fluids. Dr M specualtes we should start seeing things happen within 7-10 days. Wow, that's pretty exciting.
Last night we were timing some contractions at about 230 in the morning. They were about 4-5 minutes apart and lasted 40 seconds. It went on like that for about an hour then I finally fell asleep and they ended. Dr M said that's normal and that we'll start experiencing more of that in the next little while and then one time.. they just won't stop! LOL. I was not in a lot of pain, just discomfort and pressure. Some shooting pains were running down my legs which was the most unpleasant part and it took my breath away. I had to to remind myself to breath and relax because I was tensing up somewhat. I was scared though Adam was giddy as a school girl thinking it was time. I was not scared before last night now I am a little nervous about the labour. I hope I have good luck like my mom with me... 3 hours! God willing.
I tested positive for Strep B...IV for me at Labour. I gained nothing so I am still up only 20 pounds and Jakey's heart rate was 140!
Can't wait for Friday...we go for our Maternity pictures. That will be fun.
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My Mother in Law

Saturday, October 28, 2006
In 2004 my mother in law passed away. She had lung cancer. I miss her everyday and as the birth of our son fastly approaches I miss her more. She was the type of woman who had a strength about her that was admirable. She was quiet but had the best laugh. I miss her laugh. She was not at all your typical mother in law. She never medaled and even when her opinion was asked she would just say whatever you think. She had a great sense of humour and would sit in a crowd observing what was going on then all of a sudden she would come out with these one liners that would crack us up so much when we least expected it. She loved to go for rides and she would go out ot dusk with the hopes that she would see some deer. Her drives were fondly called her deer hunts. I remember this one ride we were on about 3 months before she died. There was her driving, Adam riding shot gun, my nephew, Adam's aunt, and I in the middle seat and my sister in law was riding on a stool in the very back of the van! It was quite a sight. Well my mother in law liked to drive fast... a characteristic her son and daughter have inherited, and this day was no exception to that. However, she was still looking for her deer so she was having a hard time staying on the road and my sister in law was having a hard time staying on her stool. At this point my sister in law leans over the seat and whispers to myself and our aunt... "Mom, knows she dying so she's trying to take us with her!" Well we laughed so hard. Then about 5 minutes later my mother in law turns to her daughter and says..."A, If you're afraid of falling out why don't you just trade places with Tammy!" Well then we laughed even harder. I knew at that point that I was an accepted part of the family. A few months later my mother in law and I went for a ride around the island just the two of us. We talked about life, and kids and how Adam hoped to be pregnant soon and how I was sad that she would miss it. I told her that if we would have a son we would call him Jacob and she said the name out loud and then smiled and said "Ilike that name." Then we just sat in silence and watched some fireworks that were going off in the village where Adam grew up. We did not have to say anymore to eachother. We were at peace in the knowledge that we loved and respected eachother. That was the last time I saw before she died. I was not there when she died. I thought she needed to have that moment with her son and daughter soley and they did not need me there. Plus she had said that she did not want any sadness and boo-hooing around her and I could not even speak to her on the phone near the end without breaking down so I would have been kicked out before I even walked over the treshold of the hospital room. Even our brother in law could not be there because he is a mush too. My husband and his sister are stronger than that and could, to honour their mom hold back their tears. I respect them for that. Especially knowing them both I know how hard that must have been for them. I know that once she took her last breath, they both lost it. Understandably so. Anyway my point to this post was to say that today I found a picture of my mother in law that had her sister and 2 nieces in it and I took it to the photo lab and had them cropped out and made a nice picture of just her. I have framed it and put it in the baby's room. I think it is important for Jacob to know who she is and just how wonderful a woman she was. I feel cheated for Jacob that he will not know her.
Our nephew, who has his grandma's personality was playing with a friend of his in the living room of my sister in law's home. Behind the boys was a collage picture that our aunt had made for her with all pictures of her mother. Our nephew (who was about 5.5 years old at the time) turns to his friend and points to the picture on the wall behind them and says to him "You see those pictures?, they're all my dead grandma!" My sister in law just about died laughing. So I think it's important for Jacob to have a picture of his "dead grandmother" too. I think she would like that too.
I know that she watching over us right now as she has since she died. But, I miss her so much.
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Week 37 OB appointment

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
All is still well in utero! Jacob is doing fine. We have no issues and no reason to believe he is coming anytime soon.
Dr estimates he weighs about 6 pounds and will be about 8 pounds at birth. Not huge but healthy. That's all I can ask for.
He answered my questions and I have decided that for labour... I want to labour in the tub, use the birthing ball and if the pain gets really bad I will use the laughing gas. Then once it's time for delivery I want to use the squatting bar because it then the gravity will work with me... I hope. This is my birth plan. I know that could change at a moments notice and I am prepared for that but if all goes well than that is what will be. Epidural is only to be used if my head starts to spin and I puke pea soup. LOL.
Next week I have my last ultrasound, I can't wait to see him again.
3 weeks left till we meet him. Yeah!
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Prenatal Classes

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Our prenatal classes went well. They were very infomative. Now I have a lot to think about how I want my birth plan to go! There are a few options I would really like to consider. I want to go over everything in my head before I decided though.
I can not wait to see Dr Mundle on Monday.. Now I have a lot of questions to ask him.
22 Days left till Jacob is scheduled to arrive. I am so excited to meet our new son. I can not believe it. It seems so unreal.
On the 2 of November I am going to a breastfeeding clinic at the hospital. I am excited to learn some tips about it. I fear how I will feel while nursing the baby. I am not sure that I will be able to nurse him...but I think that for sure I will be pumping. I want him to have the benefits of the breast milk. I am waiting to see how I feel when I put him to my breast. As of right now, the thought of it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.
Adam worked on staining the closet doors so tomorrow he will have to varathane them and then we just have to put the roller shade and the valance up and the room will be completed. It looks great right now, so once those finishing touches are on I know it will be even better.
My mom and I went shopping in the states on Friday. We had such a great time. I found a babies' First Chanukah Bib for Jake. I was so happy I found that. We celebrate Chanukah with my dad's family every year so now Jake has a little something to wear to commemorate the event. I did not show my dad so he will be come excited when he sees it. We have about 15 people come over to our house and we make meatballs and knishes. Yummy. It is a meal our Bubbie used to make so we make it in honour of her. It really is not a traditional Chanukah meal but it has special meaning to all of us and the most important thing is that we are all together.
This week we are going to pack our labour kit and my hospital bag! The instructor told us we should have had it packed 6 weeks prior to birth.. Oops we're a little late. LOL.
We were suppose to go out to celebrate our anniversary this weekend, but after the prenatal class today we were so tired that we just decided to come home and I had a nap. I think Adam was dissappointed, but he understood that I needed to sleep. I was getting very twisty footed and when I get that way... I need to sleep! I felt better once I woke up... but, we decided we did not want to go out after that. So we rented a movie on the dish.
I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. It is for a girl that grew up on the same street as me. She is a little younger than I am so we weren't friends but now that we are due so close together it's kind of cool. We are going to get the babies together and have some play dates. She did not find out the sex of her baby so my mom and went to Carter's and we bought her some really cute green, yellow and peach coloured clothes. They are so cute. I love the shades of the colours so much.
So that's all that's new.
Will keep you posted on my appointment with Dr Mundle Monday!
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Gifts for the Little Man

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yesterday Jacob recieved this outfit from our good cyber friend...Brooke and her little baby girl. Over at wishes and dreams
It is the cutest little thing I have seen and I can just imagine what a little man he will look like in it. So grown up! It is his first designer outfit. It is from Ralph Lauren. Excuse me, our son has nicer clothes than we do! And he's not even here yet! LOL.
Here is a shot of it for you to see. It does not do it justice though.
Thank-you Brooke and baby girl.
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Week 36 appointment

Monday, October 16, 2006

My OB appointment went well. Jacob is doing well, his heart rate was 150. He, once again kept rolling over when the Dr would try to monitor him...Took him about 3 times to finally get a reading! What a kid. I used to do the same thing in utro! Like mother like son. I lost a pound so now I am up 20 pounds total. We have about 4 weeks left. I can not wait to meet my new son. Dr Mundle said that I am measuring right on target for our due date. So we'll see. I also had the Strep B swap today so we'll see how that comes back. I start going once a week now. I see him again on Monday.
I am having a hard time getting comfortable when trying to sleep. I ussually have to fall asleep on the couch for a few hours, then I crawl into the bed and I am fine. Luckily, I am not working since sometimes I don't get to sleep till 3 in the morning. I am lucky that I can sleep till 11 am at least.
Jacob is moving around a lot and I love feeling him. He seems to favour bouncing on my bladder and sending some sharp nerve shooting right through my vagina and down the tops of my legs. That is they only thing that really hurts. It takes my breath away and makes me cringe. The Braxton Hicks come everyday now, but are very sporadic and they do not hurt..they just make my belly feel very tight and a little crampy. When I walk around a lot I feel little period cramps but they go away once I sit down and relax. Dr Mundle says they are normal.
I am getting so excited.
We have our hospital tour on Wednesday and then we start out prenatal course on Friday night and it goes into Saturday all day. We are both looking forward to that. I think it will be nice to meet some other expectant parents and to learn about what to expect. Our hospital just put in a jacuzzi tub for labouring in so I am excited to learn more about that.
Also this week... on Thursday, we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Wow, 4 years already. It has been 4 years of a lot of strife but this last year has made up for all the crap. We are so happy and all of our dreams are coming true. This is the best year of our lives. I am so happy in my life right now. I can not wait for this new chapter in our lives. The parenthood chapter. We have been waiting our whole lives for this!

Here are some more pictures of the nursery! I am so proud of how it turned out.
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Sweet Dreams

Allelujia! The nursery is complete! Oh My Gosh I am so in love with it. I can not wait till Jacob is here and sleeping in it. 28 more days. Wow, in a way that seems so close but yet so far. It is so real now...we can almost taste it.
Here are some pictures of the room and my belly...I finally look pregnant..not like I am about to give birth in 28 days mind you...but at least I look pregnant.
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
The painting in the nursery went well. We put the new colour on the wall the green/blue shade and it looked like shit with the what we thought was beige looked apricot next to the new colour. So we had to run out and buy new paint that matched the pillow. At first when we were putting the new beige on it looked like it was going to dry with an olive green hue. We were paniking. But then once we put the stencil up it started to change again. Now we think it looks great. I think that once we have the trim, the crib, and the rest of the bedding.. (Which by the way is on sale this month and we have to go to the states to buy it next week.)it will pull everything together. I can not wait to see it once it's complete. I moved a lot of things into his closet. But I still have a lot of laundry to do. We need to get the dresser and Adam's sister still has not sent us the gift card for it which means that we have to assume that we will be responsible for paying for the whole thing. Which also means that we have wait till after we buy the bedding to be able to afford the dresser. I am getting nervous that we are running out of time. I really hope Jake does not come early. I had a big talk with him last night about how important it is for him to not come early. LOL. I hope he took it to heart. Anyway Adam is working on the trim tomorrow and he has a long weekend this weekend since it is Thanksgiving.. so we may even have a crib in the room by the end of this weekend. I can not wait to see that.
We had another ultrasound on Monday. It went well. Jacob is growing fast and is estimated to weigh 5 pounds. He is a bit heavy but still doing well. I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks. I have to keep reminding myself that it's ok. I am so hungry all the time lately. I know he will grow a lot in the last weeks so its normal. We have about 5.5 weeks left. I can not wait to meet him. I see the Dr again in 2 weeks. Then we have our last ultrasound on the 30th of October. Then it's just a wait and see from there.
On Sunday when my mom and I were working on the stencil I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions. It was the weirdest feeling. I can't say the hurt really just felt like a lot of pressure at the top of my uterus. They lasted about 40 minutes then went away. I am also getting these weird cramps at the tops of my legs. It's like the muscles are tensing up when I walk and it makes me feel like I might fall down. I have lost my balance a couple times when it happens but I have not fallen. I was having them at the same time as the Braxton Hicks and that was fun! I have also been having some fluid leakage but not a whole lot just enough to more than dampen my undies. Dr Mundle said we will just have to watch it that it does not get any worse. My cervix looked really good at the ultrasound so there was no concerns with that.
So really all is well I am just freaking out that we will not have everything done in time for Mr Magoo's birth. I am such a planner and my husband is a fly by the seat of his pants guy! So we clash a lot when things have to get done. I ussually end up having a melt down then he gets scared and does some work to shut me up! LOL.
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