1 Year Anniversary!

Friday, August 25, 2006
Yesterday, aside from turning 31 (yeah)I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of my Gastric Bypass surgery. This has been the best year of my life. I was so scared of the life changes I was going to be making. But I have to say that the changes have actually made me! They have come so natural to me. I can remember a time when my life choices were any different! I miss some of the food I can no longer eat.. Mainly chocolate milk, but I am living. And that is the optimum word. LIVING....Last year I was just exsisting. I can not believe the change in my life since having my surgery. The most important is Jake. I would not be pregnant right now if I had not had the surgery. I am so happy Adam and I both had this done. Our lives are so much more fulfilled.
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Birthday Picture

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday we had my family and some friends over to celebrate my 31st birthday.. It was such a nice day and we got really good use of our new porch. The bathroom was finished just in the nick of time...at 2pm and it looks great! I love the new vanity.
My friend took a picture of me so I thought I would include it since it's better than the one I took the other day!
Adam gave me the sweetest ring for my birthday. It has November's birthstone and three diamonds on the side. I just love the setting. It is so pretty. It is such a sentimental gift. I am a very lucky girl.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here are some pictures... me and my "belly" Jake's ultrasound pics will be added once I scan them. Sorry. But at least you have these!
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Week 27 ultrasound

Monday, August 14, 2006
We had our week 27 ultrasound and aside from the tech running 1.5 hours behind and the building's air conditioner being out of order it was an awesome experience. I will down load the pictures for you this week, but I have to get them scanned and on a disk before that happens. LOL.
Jacob is doing really well and is weighing in thus far at 2lbs 4oz. Right on target they say! His body is in great shape. We saw some really good shots of his penis so we are very sure he isgoing to be born, Jacob! While the tech, who by the way, was awesome and well worth the wait and the heat was taking the images he noticed that Jacob's bladder was full. So he went over to his penis and then turned some infra red heat sensor light on and a few seconds later Jacob pee'd and we got to watch it on the screen. The liquid turned red and blue and it looked just like fireworks coming out of his penis. It was the neates thing ever.
I saw Dr Mundle the next day and explained to him that I was still very tired and that working 4 hour days was not working well for neither me nor the girls in my department so he took me off full time. Thank God! So I am done from now till next year! And then I may not be going back either, depends if I am pregnant again or not or if I take in a child and provided child care for them. I really hope I do not have to return to work. But I am not going to worry about it right now I am just going to enjoy my pregnancy and then my new life with Jacob. Which I can not wait for.
Yesterday marked my 6 month mark and that means...holy shit, I only have 3 months left till my due date! This has gone by so fast. I can not believe it. My shower is just over a month away. I can remember when my mom booked it in April and me freaking out thinking what if something happens, then I have one more day to try to deal with not being able to celebrate. But alas God has spared us any bad things thus far so I count my lucky stars and thank him daily. We have been so very blessed.
Yesterday, Jacob was very active you could see him moving outside my body and my mom, Adam and my dad spent about 20 minutes watching the show. The baby was very funny and everytime one of them would tap on my belly he would respond by tapping back at them. It was quite comical! I love that he is so active. My mother said she did not start seeing my move until closer to 7.5 months. But keep in mind that at birth I was only 4lbs 11oz so as it stands right now Jacob is already half my birth weight. It was a lot of fun anyway.
I guess that's all my news right now. I will be taking some belly shots today.. I promise and I will get those ultrasound pictures up too.
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Birth Weights

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
It's not that I was upset that I thought my family thought I looked big! It's that I don't want to push out a huge child!! My one cousin jokingly put 18 pounds and I said he better change that because there was no way that I wanted to push out even a baby that was 8 pounds! So he changed it to 8 pounds. What a brat!
I have only gained 8 pounds so I am not too worried about getting it off after babboo gets here. I know that most of what I have gained is baby weight so far so I am happy about that. I just wish my belly would pop more. Come on Jacob and pop me out! I can't wait!
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As the World Turns

Monday, August 07, 2006
Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday and our whole family was there. We started a baby pool with everyone. It was fun to see everyone's prediction. We just guesses birth date, weight and length. Some of my family was really mean and guessed really high weights! I thought they all liked me!
Jacob has been moving around a lot more. It must have been the heat. My aunt got to feel him yesterday so that was neat! She never experienced a pregnancy so it's neat for her. She is so excited for Jacob's birth.
We have had a few people call to RSVP for the shower. It ended up we have 130 people on the list! OMG that's a lot of people. Some are from my work and Adam's home town so I know that at least most of them will not come. I anticipate that we will have about 65 people there.
A friend of mine just had her Gastric Bypass today and is doing ok. We go visit her on Wednesday.
We also have another ultrasound on Wednesday too. I can't wait to see him again and to see how much he has grown.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Jacob has not been moving a lot lately. It has been so hot here... close to 100 degrees so I am hoping it is because of that. I know that when it is this hot I don't want to move around either so I can't say as I blame him but I just worry about him.
My parents bought us our crib on the weekend. I love it. It's the Chelsea by Simplicity 4 in 1.
We picked up the shower invites and they have been addressed amd sent out. There are 129 people on the list! Holy crap, I did not know I knew that many people! A lot of the people are from Adam's home town so I am sure most of them will not make the 10 hour trip! As much as I hope they do it would be nice to see them.
We went shopping at Carter's last week-end and my mom bought the baby some really nice outfits. He will be such a well dressed baby. We also picked up the Christening romper. Ooh, it is so sweet. I can not wait to see him in it. Also we bought his Christmas outfit too and it's red with snowmen on it. I love it.
I have my ultrasound next Wednesday then I see Dr Mundle on Thursday. I hope everything is ok but I am sure it is. I just wish Jake would move a bit more for some reassurance!
A friend of mine is having her gastric bypass surgery on Monday, which is my mom's birthday so I know that will be lucky for her. We will go visit her on the Tuesday! She is very nervous, but I know she is in good hands.
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