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Monday, April 21, 2008
It was so exciting to learn that we would be having another boy. I am so excited about the two of them growing up so close together in age. In the scan, Andy looked so much like Jacob, it was so cute. I am getting ready to go through Jake's old clothes so that I know exactly what it is we need for Andy. Although I am pretty sure there will be very little we need.
On Tuesday we had a little scare. I was walking in the kitchen and slipped on a placemat that was lying on the floor. I went ass over tea-kettle and landed at the other end of our kitchen and knocked my head on the ceramic tile and then fell to my left side. My glasses cut the top of my left eye, broke and I instantly got a shiner. It friken hurt so bad. I thought I was going to pass out. About an hour later I started to feel some cramping so Adam took me into the hospital. They imediately performed an ultrasound and we saw that the baby was ok. They also did bloodwork to make sure the placenta was still in tact and that came back clear too. I was sent to the ER to be checked out and after a series of tests they concluded that I did not have a concussion and we were sent home. I look like I was in a bar fight though. With this crazy black eye I think that people are looking at Adam and I like we are some rubby dubs. It was a good thing my best friend was here that day so that she could stay and look after Jakey. I was just relieved that Andy was ok tucked right inside where he belongs.
I have been feeling signs of life every now and again. It is so familiar and wonderful. I love feeling him move around. What a miracle being pregnant is.
Jake has been throwing little tantrums lately honestly I think it so funny when he does it. So far I have not found it hard to just ignore him. I ussually end up leaving the room to laugh. They do not last long because once he realizes no one is paying attention to him he stops. He has been talking up a storm too and even legible words have been spoken. He really has such a cute voice and I love it when he babbles on and on. It cracks me up. For Easter we bought him a water activity centre and today was the first time he was able to play with it, outside. It wasn't enough for him to just stand up on the outside of it and play. no our son had to climb right into it and sit down! What a clown. His daiper was socked. Then once he was through, he took off his diaper and ran around the yard naked! He is so darn funny.
I am taking him swimming tomorrow with my God-Daughter and her mother. We are starting a swim lesson program with them. It should be so much fun. Jacob loves the water so much. Which reminds me I have to go buy some little swimmers tonight before we go.
Anyway, I guess that's all that's new. I will keep updating.
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Baby Noble is a...

Monday, April 14, 2008
BOY! .
I knew it. Adam was so sure it was a girl! I am so happy we are welcoming another boy into our family. Jake and "Andy" will be the cutest Bad Asses around! LOL.
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What's Happening

Friday, April 04, 2008
I am feeling better and have been for about 2 weeks now. The iron and the B12 have finally kicked in. I am taking the B12 once a week now and still 4 iron pills a day. But, I feel a lot more alive now than I have in a long time. Thankfully. Last week Jacob and I made sure to be busy everyday, but still made it home for our naps eachday but Friday. It was a busy week, but a good one. This week was a bit more lazy and I felt more tired. I think I am going to start planning stuff to do so I have more energy. The weather has started getting warmer which is also helping. This week, Jake and I went for a couple walks in the wagon, which he loves so much. He has learned a few new signs in the past little while and is now signing bath, cookie, all done, baby and milk. It is so cute to see him sign because his little hands are so chubby. I just want to kiss them when I see him sign. Which I very often do. His ears seemed to be bothering him so I took him to the pediatrian but his ears were clear. His throat was a little red but the doctor thinks it's just a virus so said we really can't treat that. He mentioned that because Jacob's molars have started to come in his ears could be bothered by that. Jake also has this funny rash on his body and face so I asked the dr to take a look at that too. He said the rash on his body is just from being a little over heated and that his sweat glands are swollen...he said with the warm weather coming up we will probably see more of it because of Jake's sensitive skin...but the one on his face is caused by some sort of irritant coming in contact with his face... he said maybe he's being kissed too much! I said. oh no not this baby..why would we want to kiss him. LOL. He thought maybe I was wearing a lip gloss that might be an irritant. But said also it could be from drool when he eats etc. He suggested washing his face more often and being sure to dry it well. I really love Jake's dr he is so great with us and with Jake.
The pregnancy is going well. This week I felt a couple of good thumps from inside. I love that feeling. I can not wait to start feeling them more frequently and more definate. I moved up the ultrasound because I can't stand not knowing anymore. I pray we do not have a modest baby. So we now go on April 14th. 9 days from now and even that wait is killing me. Adam is sure that we are having a girl...I am sure a boy! So it's been fun with our little war going on. Everytime either of us dream about the baby it's a girl...but I still feel boy. We still can not agree on a girl's name so watch it will probably be a girl just so that we can spend the next 5 months arguing about that. A boy would be too easy! LOL.
Our nephew, who was born at 33 weeks gestation, is doing really well. He came home at 3 weeks old and was 4 pounds 1 oz at birth and is now 5 weeks old and weighs 6 pounds 9 oz! What a kid. He is eating really well and sleeping well too. My sil says she is tired but she is so happy with the baby's progress. We are so happy for her and her family. This little miracle was a long time coming and they deserve tons of happiness. Their older son is doing great with the new baby, as we all knew he would. He is such a great kid. We are going to see them in May. It seems so far away. But they live so far away and in May the ferry to get to them starts running and it cuts off 4 hours of driving. So we are waiting for then to take the trip. Plus, Adam will have a weeks vacation in May so we can spend a little bit longer and not have to rush back over a week-end. It will be nice to see them and to meet the baby.
I will stay posted on the results of the ultrasound.. Please keep unmodest baby thoughts for us please!
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