How is it possible to have a three year old already?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We celebrated Jacob turning three this weekend. I am still in awe of this fact. I can not believe he is three already. When did this happen? The time has gone by so darn fast. He is so sweet and funny. He talks so much now and just loves to perform. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from? He loves trains and dinosaurs and recieved some of both for his birthday. My parents bought him a train table and my mom and I decorated an extra room in our basement in a train motif. It looks amazing.
I am so happy for some friends of ours who had a baby girl last night after having two boys at home already. What a blessing for them.
Benjamin has become quite the character. He chatters all the time although we rarely know what he is saying. He signs for more, all done, milk and thank-you. With more and all done being his most frequently used signs. It is quite adorable to see him use them. He runs everywhere now and tries so hard to keep up with Jake. Jake, on the other hand could care less if he has a brother or not. I certainly hope he grows out of that.
We had a nice Hallowe'en. Jacob was Spiderman and Benjamin was a baby chick. They both were so cute. Jake at first did not want to go Trick or Treating. He wanted to stay home and watch a movie instead! Once we convinced to go to a few houses he was hooked and was out til almost 9pm. Next year, he has told me, he wants to be a dinosaur and he thinks it would be a great idea if Benjamin is a paleantologist! LOL. So my mom is gearing up to sew a T-Rex costume! Anything for her Jakey.
Still struggling to make better food choices. I know this will be something I toy with all my life. But other than that we are hanging in there...
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