Open House

Monday, October 31, 2005
We worked so hard to get the house ready for this open house. It was a very productive week-end. I will be posting pictures this week sometime so that you can see the progress I have made with my weight as well as the changes in the house. Adam and my dad worked really hard. Thanks guys. It was a waste of time for our real estate agent as only one loely guy showed up. We saw him coming in and he looked like he was just out for a Sunday drive and saw the sign and thought what the heck. The listing lasts another month. I doubt anything will come from it.
On the weight loss front... I am down to 205.5. I feel great. I need a pair of jeans that fit me and I have none. I will have to go out and see if I can find a not too expensive pair. I checked at Value Village, but could not find a pairI liked well enough.
Adam was told to stay off work for another month so he is home. I think he would have rather gone to work since I am sure he will be given some honey do lists. LOL.
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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Today on the scale it read 207. Yeah I am so happy.
We went on Tuesday for the injection classes. It was great. Did not hurt at all. I start the drugs on November 13th. The egg retrieval will be around Dec 3rd. The director told me that she will tell me of the outcome of the couples cycle. I was very happy about that. I will be praying very hard for them.
No news on our house. Adam is really working hard to get things complete for the open house on Sunday. Our house has never looked so good. LOL. We looked into getting some new windows, we will be getting one more quote then making our decision.
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2 months

Monday, October 24, 2005
It is my 2 month anniversary today. Funny, that on day of surgery I had my period and today is day one too. Cramps galore. I wish I had the drugs today that I had then. LOL.
I am officially down 42.5 pounds. 208.5. I feel great.
Nothing happened with the house. They have not gotten back to our agent. We have an open house on Sunday, so we'll see. Our agent says that only 5% of houses sell during open houses so I am not holding out much hope. In 2 days our house will have been on the market for 1 month. The house we went to look at was beautiful. I hope it hangs in there for us. The finished basement is huge and has a wet bar in the one corner. The bedrooms are a great size. So lets hope.
Adam got some more mudding completed in the bedroom, it is coming along quite nice. I will be painting sometime this week. Which is ok, since I love painting.
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40 pounds gone forever

Thursday, October 20, 2005
Yesterday was 8 weeks out and I am down 40 pounds. 211. I am so happy.
Tonight is the first meeting of the support group, I don't think there will be many people attending. Barix did not have enough time to get a letter out to the past patients in order to tell them about the meeting. Next month will be better. Plus, I will be asking Dr Pop to join us for that one.
Someone is coming to look at our house I pray to St Joseph at least 10x a day asking him for his help on selling my house. We are going to visit another house on Saturday. It looks beautiful. I really hope all works out.
Adam and I celebrated our third anniversary yesterday. He sent me a dozen roses at work. It was a nice touch. The card made me cry... it read, Three years down, a lifetime to go. He and my father built a closet on our bedroom yesterday. It looks great. It is sad that I waited three years for that closet and now I hope it is not mine for much longer. LOL.
I start treatment this month for the ova donation program. I am nervous and excited both. I pray that this works for the recipient couple.
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Here I go Again

Friday, October 14, 2005
Today I am down to 214... OMG I have not been this small in about 6 years. I feels great. I feel so much better and can't wait for Adam to come home with the treadmill he is borrowing from his dad. I will aim for 30 minutes/day for 5 days once we have it home.
No word on our house as of yet, but I think we will have our open house in November. Our agent told me she has had alot of calls on our house. I just wish that those people would make an appointment to come look at it... My friend gave me the prayer for St Joseph and I will buy a statuette of him to place in my garden. I hope that helps.
Nothing else is new, I will keep you posted.
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Still Trucking

Monday, October 10, 2005
Have not really lost anymore weight in the past few days. I am still hanging in there and following the plan.
My first week back to work went well. It was nice to see everybody and get back into the swing of things. I find that I eat a lot better while at work so that is a plus. I get all my water in and my protein is easily attainable.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was last night and it was yummy. We ate just smaller portions of most everything so I did not feel like I was missing out on anything. Except for the sweet potatoes. I love them so much. But I lived to tell about it. I made a sugar free pumpkin cheese-cake pie and it was very good. We did not miss out on that aspect either. There are so many sugar free options that I doubt very much we'll ever feel like we're missing out too much.
Adam left to go visit is father this morning. He will be back next Sunday. Our 3rd anniversary is on the 19th so he will be home in time to celebrate, besides we will be celebrating on the week-end. He is down about 40 pounds.
My aunt gave me three bags full of clothes that she has out grown. Now I have clothes for this stage and the stage after. I am all set for sometime now.
A friend of mine called me this week-end to let me know that she has recieved her prior-approval for Barix and understandable so is very excited. She sent her request in on September 20th so less than a month for prior approval. I am happy for her.
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6 week check up

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Just back from my 6 week check up and happy to report that I am ahead of schedule as far as my weight loss goes. I am down about 26% of my excess weight and normally they see 10-15% at this time. They are very happy with my results as well as how well physically I am doing.
I met with the director of group support services today and the support group will be starting on October 20th. I am excited to get that going. It was nice to sit with her today and go over the manual. Dr Pop said that he would even come to a meeting a give a talk for the people who are considering the program/sugery.
No bites on our house but it has not been a month yet. They are lowering the price on the other house this week-end so I hope ours sells soon. It would be so nice to be in there by Christmas.
Adam is doing well.
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5 weeks post op

Sunday, October 02, 2005
34 gone. Down to 217.
I go back to work tomorrow. I liked being off work. I wish I did not have to work outside the home. I like to have my days to myself. Oh well time to get back to reality I guess.
We had 1 couple come through our house but no other bites yet. I have already decorated the new house in my head so I hope something comes through, and fast. LOL.
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