Monday, July 24, 2006
I started my new shift last Thursday and it's going great. I love it. It goes by fast and I feel a more rested and less stressed.
My mom, Adam and I went to Babies R Us to register on the week-end. It was a lot of fun. I felt lost not really knowing what to register for! But, I am sure if I have forgotten anything I will have time to pick it up after the shower.
My mom and I put together the shower thank-you's this weekend so that's a big job done. And we ordered the shower invites and the thank you cards. They are so cute, I love them. They will be ready this week-end for us to pick up then it's addressing them and sending them out. The RSVP is for September 1st so we are going to get them out by the end of the first week of August!
Dr Mundle booked me an ultrasound once a month till I deliver because he wants to be sure that little boy blue is growing like he should be! Exciting to be able to see him each month now. My first one is on August 9th. I think my mom is going to come with me since she has not yet been to one.
Adam read to the baby the other night with the little microphone thing that we got with the baby monitor and the baby loved it well at least he jumped around a lot and I liked it! LOL. Adam is going to be sure to keep reading to him.
Adam started a new job last week and worked a tonne of hours. This week and going forward he will be on a dedicated run so at least he knows what he is working. I like that better. So does he.
Other than that nothing else is new.
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Back From Dr Mundle

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Had my appointment with Dr Mundle today. It went well. I was up 4 pounds from last month but they said that was good! I am measuring right on target. I asked him to please take blood for iron so he did a complete blood count. I should know by tomorrow the results. I told him that I am so tired and kinda of grumpy and asked him if I could be put on 1/2 days for work. So he wrote me a script. I start my new shift tomorrow. It will be nice. Dr Mundle did the heart rate and it 150 again he had to keep trying because Jacob was a mover. Dr Mundle said that he must not like being monitored. All in all it was a good appointment. I see him again on the 10th of August and I have another ultrasound on the 9th of August.
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I can not believe how amazing that was.
When I called to book the appointment the receptionist told me to drink something sweet like orange juice. So on our way to the place we ate at Denny's and I ordered an OJ. I drank some of it then took the rest with me.
When we got the place their machine was not working properly so they asked if we would mind going to have lunch then coming back in about an hour that they should have the issue solved by then. That was fine with us since the office is about 3 hours from our home we knew it was easier to wait then to re-book. So we walked across the street to Wal-Mart and just walked around for about 1/2 hour then we walked back accross the street and ate some of the most awesome french fries ever. There is this fast food joint in Ontario called Fast Eddies and they have these Crazy Fries so we ordered them in Dill Pickle. Yummy, they were great. So we ate those and by now it was time to head back.
When we returned the receptionist said the issue had been solved and that there was one other Mother to be in the room but that it would not be too long. She had us fill out some papers and we waited maybe 10 minutes. I may even be exagerating on that but I was excited to see Jacob so it seemed like 10 minutes! I am not complaining mind you, just stating.
The tech came out and said she was ready for us and off we went to view our son! Or so we still hoped! LOL. The room was a nice size with a bed for mother to lay down on and 3-4 chairs beside the bed. In front of the bed on the wall was this gigantic T.V. screen so we had such a great view of the baby. There was no mistaken what we saw! We had brought a C.D. for her to play while we watched and to also have those songs on the DVD copy of the experience. So she put the CD in and away she went. I think it might have been a combo of the OJ and the dill pickle fries but our son was so active she was having a hard time keeping up with him! He moving and shaking so much it was funny. As we could see him elbowing me, I could feel it at the same time. That was awesome to see. I feel him all the time and try to guess what parts he hitting me with but to actually see it was amazing. Because his gestational age is still quite young his facial features are not as developed so his face still looks very bony. It was still east to make out the imagaes though and he does have some funny habits already. We noticed that like his mother he seems to have a really long neck! In our wedding video you can see me on the alter stretching my neck upward over the crowd so I can see who is the "audience" my mother liked to tease me and call me giraffe neck. Well, there was this one point in the video where Jake was doing the same thing! We laughed so hard it was funny. Then he even hid his face from us for a little awhile and once he looked like he was trying to climb up and out of my uterus. It looked a bit like he was rock climbing. I think we are in for it once this child is born! I think he is going to be very strong willed and why should he not be he comes from two parents who are. It was still hard to tell what he will look like, but there was one shot of him that I looked at that I saw our little nephew's face in. That would be great since our nephew is the cutest little boy EVER born! He looks just like the Precious Moments Kids. So to have a little man that looks like him would be so great! We'll see. We are going back in September with my parents because we want to be able to see him at an old gestational age. Plus, it was so much fun this time, I can not wait to see what the little tyke is up to in another 9 weeks or so!
We were happy to see that he is still a Jacob! That was the first thing my mother asked when we called to tell her we were through! "He's still Jacob right?" She really thinks (based on how I am carrying) that I am having a girl! But, she is slowly coming around! Not that she is not happy having a grandson it's just in our family boys are very rare and have never been born first! Out of 13 babies born in our family on 3 have been boys! So the odds were not in favour of a boy! It's great though to add some variety to our lives! LOL.
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We're Back

We had the best time. I am so happy we had the chance to get away. Visiting with Adam's family was great. His sister and I had a nice time together. We went to the lake swimming twice. It was too cold for me to go in the second time but it was fun to be with her and dear nephew. We had a blast with our nephew but he tired us out! It was worth it though because he is such a great kid. My sister and brother in law have done a great job raising him. He is such a lover. He is excited about the baby being born, but mistakenly thought he would be the baby's big brother. We told him that he would be the big cousin but that he could act like a big brother to him and that was a great alternative for him. His birthday is 10 days before the baby's due date so he is hoping the baby comes early! They will be seven years apart so it will be nice to finally have another baby in the family. It's just too bad that we live so far away. I would like for Jake to know his father's family. But, no I am not moving to the Island! LOL. I would go stir crazy there! Although we did see a house across the street from his dad's that we really like. It is just being built and very nice. But, I am happy where I am at. I guess I am a little selfish when it comes to where we live...I can admit that.
We went to our friend's campground for two nights...It was nice and peaceful there. Our neighbors were there and we broke down and asked them to be God-Parents... they were very touched and accepted. It was nice. We went out on their fishing boat but we did not fish. Then Adam and I rented Kayaks. That was fun. I loved doing that. It rained really hard one of the nights and our trailer leaked a little bit. The drops of rain fell on my cheek. It was funny.
We spent too much money in Niagara Falls but we had a blast so it was so worth it. The campground we stayed at was very nice and quite. We will be going back again sometime.
We went to the falls and did a Journey Behind the Falls tour. That was really neat. We did some of the fun house stuff on Clifton Hill and had so much fun. We walked a lot. On the one day I think we walked about 6KM. For us that is major, last year, Pre-Op we never could have done that. So it was a big accomplishment for us. We went to a Teddy Town Factory and built a little bear for Jacob. It was neat.
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Sunday, July 09, 2006
So we are on our holiday. We rented a Pop Up trailer and are camping. We just spent 2 nights in my father in laws back yard. LOL. It was nice, but, I was bored. Our little six year old nephew stayed with us the first night and I was not bored. He was so much fun. We played Connect Four and Trouble and had so much fun. The next day we went to visit Adam's great grandma and we took him with us. It was nice to visit with her. She is our only living grandparent so I always insist that we visit her when we are here. If we would have had a girl her middle name would have been his grandma's first name. Next time. Then we went to a place called Bridal Veil Falls and Adam and our nephew walked behind the falls. Our nephew thought that was pretty cool. It really was. Then we were so worn out. We had to drop him off at this mother's so we could have a nap! Last night, Adam and our Brother in law went four wheeling so I borrowed my sister in laws portable DVD player and rented the Producers. It was so funny.
Anyway, we are leaving to go to a camp ground owned by the baest amn from our wedding. Friend's of ours who live kiddy corner to us are going to be there too so it will be nice to see them. We are going to ask them to be God-Parents (but, not yet) so it's hard to be with them and not just blurt it out. I can not keep a secret when I am excitied! LOL.
Tuesday, we leave for Niagara Falls for 2 nights. And them Thursday we go for our 4-D ultrasound! Can not wait for that.
Anyway, that's it for an update.
Jacob had the hiccups last night and it was so funny! He has been very active and I love it.
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Baby Depot

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My mom and I went to Baby Depot on Saturday to look at the baby bedding. We had gone with the intention of registering for a Winnie the Pooh set we thought we liked but when we saw it in person we realized we did not like at all. Then we found Sweet Dreams. And that was it. We only registered for things we knew we could not register for over here. So, we registered for the bedding and all the accessories, a high chair pad, a shopping cart cover, an oak high chair (becuase it was just so beautiful) and a walker... since they are ilegal to buy over here and I love them. The rest of the things we will register for here in Canada, I think we will register at Babies R Us and Sears or Wal-Mart. Adam and I will do that sometime in August.
Our niece's birthday was awesome. She had such a great time and was so cute. She really liked her book although I know she won't truly understand the meaning of it until she is much older, I am glad she has it. This is the letter I wrote to her at the end of her book:

Another year has passed and the impossible has happened. I have fallen even more in love with you than I ever thought possible. You have shared so much of yourself with me and again- from the bottom of my heart I thank-you. I thank-you for your laughter, for the love you have for life and for showing me the type of mother I aspire to be.
In just a few short months I will become a mother to your new born cousin. I want you to know that you will always be so very special to me, dear one and nothing can ever break the bond that has grown between us over the coarse of your sweet, precious life. I will hold dear to my heart all you have taught me about loving life and acceptance and I will use that to build my bond with my new son.
I so look forward to what adventures the third year of your life holds for us. Even though I wish I could freeze you at this age forever because you are so adorable, sweet and funny I embrace the changes we will witness as you become the person you are meant to be.
Dream big sweetness and remember: there is nothing in this life to high for you to aim for.
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