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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nothing and everything is new.
Ben has turned one and started walking at 10.5 months! He has such a funny personality and is very rough! I guess he has to be in order to keep up with his big brother.
We had a fairly large birthday party for him...about 72 people in the local park with pony rides. It was a nice day. Ben had fun.
I had this grand idea to go back to work. That lasted less than 2 months. I am home again and right where I should be. I don't know what I was thinking. I missed being with the boys so much. The boys went to Montessori while I was at work and they really loved it. We have decided to keep Jake in two days a week since he loves going. I think it will be great for him since he starts Juniour Kindergarten next Spetember already. I also like the thought of having some alone time with Ben.
Adam and I hit a rough spot in May and nearly split up. After much soul searching and determination we have turned our love around and realized what is important in our lives. Having a healthy, together family. We have been working very hard to be better for one another and communicate better.
Adam was off work from December to July. He did pick up a temporary gig that paid 1/3less than is regular job that helped a bit. But it was a very difficult 7 months. That did not help our marital issues.
I am still struggling with making healthy/better food choices. I still have to get 50pounds off. I can get very down on myself... I only have myself to blame for eating CRAP! I will get my shit together.
We have started trying for baby number 3. We want the children to be close in age and with me not getting any younger...it's now or never. We have agreed to give it 9 months and if we are not pregnant by then Adam will have a vasectomy. So cross your fingers we are meant to have another baby. I am very happy and grateful with the family we have been gifted. So if it does not happen I will certainly not be unhappy. Our two little boys are amazingly wonderful and we are so blessed.
Jacob has grown up so much. I can not believe he is going to be three. He is such a little man with a big heart and a big temper! He is so much like I was at as a child. He is the spitting image of me physically and a real chip of the ole block in every other way. It is sweet revenge for my parents who watch from the sidelines and just laugh. I guess that's the fun about being a granparent! LOL.
Anyway, for anyone who still comes to check out my sweet and simple life. Hello. And here's what been happening!
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