2 Years already

Friday, June 30, 2006

I can not believe my dear sweet niece is Two Years Old today. The past two years with her have been amazing. I never knew I could love another human being as much as I love this little hunny. I know that I will love Jacob at a whole new level but sometimes my heart feels like it may just explode with love for her that I can not imagine how it will feel to love my son. I can not wait to experience that level of love though. Anyway we are going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow and I can not wait to see her. I made her a scrapbook with pictures from her second year. I did the same for her first year too. I will continue to do so till she is old enough to work on them with me. Then we will make them together.
My belly has grown in the last week or so. I am happy about that. I can not wait till I can't see my toes! Although with my boobs the way they have grown that has actually already happened, but you know what I mean. Also, little man Jake has been pretty active lately. I love it. Though poor Adam, whenever Jacob moves and I tell Adam to feel, Jacob instinctively stops moving. Adam spoke to my belly and told him...Jacob, this is the only time in your life you'll be allowed to kick your father, so take advantage of it now! It was quite comical actually.
My mom ordered some clothes for Jacob at this website called Best Dressed Child and they came in so tomorrow we are going to pick them up. I can not wait to see them in person. We are also going to Burlington Coat Factory to see the bedding we have chosen and to register for the shower for all our American friends. We have a few coming to the shower. I am excited about this. I can't wait!
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Jake Strikes Back

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
On Friday night Adam and my mom felt Jacob move. It was nice to share that with them. He was less active the rest of the week-end so my dad will have to wait a bit to feel him.
Also on Friday, Adam and I went to this store called Please Mum and bought our son 2 outfits that are just the most adorable little things in the world. I can not wait to see him in them. LOL.
On Sunday, my niece and I went for pictures at Sears. This is an annual ritual we do for her birthday. Last year I was 87 pounds heavier and boy what a difference a year makes. We all loved the pictures so much and spent way too much money. LOL. She is so worth it. I love her so much.
I went to Motherhood Maternity and bought two pairs of shorts. One black and one white. They were $15 each so that's not too bad and I need them to go on our camping trip!
It was a nice weekend.
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Baby Soccer Player

Friday, June 23, 2006
Jake has been very active the last couple days. I am feeling him move around a lot more. It is the neatest feeling in the world and so re-affirming. Plus I think all 10 ounces of him likes to rest comfortably on my bladder and then use it a punching bag! I am not complaining at all mind you, I love feeling him in there.
For the last few nights I have been playing him some classical music. We have a dual adaptor so the two of us listen together. I like it, it makes me feel that much closer to him. I can't wait till Adam can feel him move too. I know that will be exciting for Adam. He has been really feeling my belly a lot lately and talking to Jake, it is so funny some of the things he says to him! I love it so much! I can not believe that on Tuesday we will already be 1/2 way to his birth. It has gone by so fast. While I am enjoying being pregnant and now feeling his littleness inside of me, I so much want to hold him and kiss him and smell him and see him etc. But I can wait. Of coarse I want him to be fully cooked! LOL.
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Ultrasound pictures

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
I have not posted any of the ultrasound pictures from the other day because they are so lousy. You really can not see much of anything. I am disapointed they were not a little better. I know it is an ultrasound so the clarity is not suppose to be great, but I would have liked a nice profile of his little face or at least something that resembled a baby. LOL.
Adam and I have decided to go to this clinic in a town about 3 hours away called
UC Baby. They do the 4D ultrasounds and put them on video set to music. We will show it at the shower. But anyway it is not too far from where we will be for our vacation so we decided what the hell.
I can not wait to see him again. They video tape for about 30-40 minutes and they do a gender determination and a few other things. Dr Mundle said we would have another ultrasound in August but I want to se him on the screen in the 4D and have another confirmation that he is in fact a Jake. LOL.
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Jacob Adam Warren

Monday, June 19, 2006
So we go there at 845am and my bladder was full! Great fun. They came and got me at about 855am so I did not have to wait too long at all. She brought be back an asked me lay on the table and told me that once she took her measurments she would go get my hubby and dad. I was nervous and she did not talk a lot even though she was pleasant. She let me hear the heartbeat...150 and instictivly I said to myself, "it's a Boy!" She was taking pictures and measurements and had the screen turned away from me so the suspense was killing me not too mention the full bladder. Another tech came in and asked this girl if she was ready for her break so they traded spots and the pleasant but not talkative one went to get my family. I then asked the new talkative lady if I could please go to the bathroom she said yes. By the time I came back my dad and Adam were just arriving. I climbed back on the table and she measured the rest. Then she turned the screen to the three of us and said "there's his penis" I started to cry, Adam started to Brood and my dad said, "A penis, she's not suppose to have a penis!" And the girl started laughing and said I'm sorry sir, HE does have a penis. And my dad punched Adam in the arm and said "You got a boy, I never had a boy!" It was very funny. Then the two of them started planning what type of Go-Kart they would build for him. I felt like this was their baby and I was just along for the ride! It was so funny though.
Then we went to see Dr Mundle who was very happy that my rash was so much better. He said everything looks great with the baby that the growth is right on track for where I am and that the baby weighs about 10 ounces now and would fit in the palm of our hand. OOH so small. He said that everything is on track for the November 13th due date But that the baby is on the high end of the weight percentile but still normal. Chubby baby! LOL. I will post the pictures once I can scan them at my mom's.
It was a very exciting day for all of us.
I can not wait to meet him. 4.5 months left.
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Wish Us Luck

UPDATE: IT'S A BOY! Will update more later.

Today is the day we go to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am nervous and excited both. My father and Adam are going to be there so that is exciting. My mom has to work! They will be doing a "level 2" anatomical ultrasound today to be sure everything with Babeboo is progressing well. I am sure things are fine, but it's still kinda nerve racking. Once I see the little jelly bean on the screen I will feel better. It's been since April that we've seen him/her and I kinda miss him/her.
Everyone in my family...expect Adam, thinks I am carrying a girl...There is one lady at work and of coarse Adam who think I am carrying a boy. I am carrying all around and in my butt. My mom has always believed that means girl, but the lady at work she believes that is boy based on the fact that that is how she carried her boys. Me? Well I have always seen myself as a mother of boys and I thought right up until I found out we were pregnant then I thought...girl and did right up til about 3 weeks ago when I starting feeling I might be carrying a boy. If the way I am carrying and the baby's heartbeat are any indication, then I think we are having a girl. Does it matter? No, not at all. We have waited so long for this that I am just happy to be becoming a mother.
I will update this as soon as we get back so hang tight. Our appointment is at 9:00am Eastern Standard time and then I see Dr Mundle at 930am. I should be back to work around 1030.
Talk to you soon.
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As Promised!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pictures have been uploaded. Please click on the bar on the left hand side that reads...check out my pictures.
Here is a sneak peek though.
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I am still here!

This week-end my dad and Adam built the deck! OMG it looks so great. Just to have a porch on the front of the house looks "normal" but they did such a great job and it is a great size. 8X16. We put two chairs on it and there is still tons of room. I can not wait to get some flowers to add to it. That will set it off. Tonight, I swear I will be putting pictures up in my Flicker account.
My mom and I went yard saling. She got a crib and crib bedding for her "nursery" and a playpen for next summer out in the back yard. I bought a really great umbrella stroller that folds up really easily and has a basket at the bottom for storage. I also bought a couple of outfits for babeboo. Mostly pink, but that's just because they had more cute girl things then boy and if we end up having a boy I will just give them to my best friend for my God Baby! So it all works out.
Adam and I went to Babies R Us on Friday to buy a shower gift for our friend's. We bought them 2 sleepers a hat and a scrapbook. I found it hard to shop for her since she did not register and she did not find out what she having. We looked at some strollers and some swings. I know we will end up registering there but I have to say that the Babies R Us in the States is so much better! LOL. None-the-less we had fun dreaming. The last time we were at Babies R US in the highchair department it was to buy a highchair for my cousin's shower 2 years ago. It was a really dark time for me in my quest to become a mother and I ended up crying my head off in the department...it was very hard on Adam since he knew my heartache. Now looking back it is quite comical because there was a little Asian lady in the row and I think I freaked her out because once I started crying she turned to her husband and said something in her mother tongue and they turned themselves inside out to get out of the aisle! I laugh now when I think about it but then I could not get out that store fast enough. Adam, at the time said don't worry hunny it will be our turn one day too and you'll probably still be standing here crying because you will be so overwhelmed and hormonal! LOL. Leave it to him. That's why I love him so much. So Friday was a much better experience for us, that's for sure.
My mom took a picture of me this week-end...I swear it's hard to tell but I will put it there tonight. LOL>
At the shower on Sunday, the ladies were saying "Are you sure you're pregnant? You're not even showing? You're 4 months, really" I wanted to punch them in the head. LOL.
We have decided to rent a trailer this summer for a week and go up North to visit Adam's family and friends. Then we will head back home and stop in Niagara Falls for a couple days. I am excited about the trip, it will be fun. I have not been back to the island since we burried Adam's mom almost 2 years ago, and I miss my nephew terrible. He is 6 years old and as adorable as anything. I love him so much. Our best friends will be on the island too when we are there so it will be nice to be able to spend some time with them. We'll have to ask Adam's sister if she minds if we take our nephew with us to the camp ground so he can play with our friends little girls. That would be so much fun.
I will get those pics uploaded tonight as soon as I get home! My computer still has dial up since high speed is not available in the boondocks so it will take me all night! LOL. They will be avaiable tomorrow!

Update The rash is getting or should I say has gotten a lot better... I just have some small episodes of itchiness so needless to say there is a lot less episodes of bitchiness! LOL. I am happy to report that I think I will live now! Thanks for all your concern.
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Productive Week-end

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
We did a lot this week-end. Well should I say bought a lot! We bought new bedroom lamps they look great. Bought the wood for our deck that Adam and my dad will be building this week-end. Bought a new fridge from CostCo. I love it. It is so quiet and clean and new. Bought a wooden highchair for babeboo and an old fashioned Pram that I have to SOS the metal and it will be good as new. I love that too. Last night we bought the baby it's first Hooter's diapershirt. It is so cute I can not wait to see him/her in it. We chose the paint for the bedroom, the dining room and the living room. Once the deck is completed we will be moving to the kitchen and buying a new stove and moving some cupboards out of the way to make room for a normal size stove instead of the apartment size one that's there now. Then we will buy a section of counter space and build a breakfast bar in our kitchen so we will have an eating area and not have to use the dining room all the time. In the bathroom we will be redoing the floor and the vanity will be changed to oak we will be replacing the tub surround and changing the trim and the linen closet door. Lots to do, but now that we have the moola we are very motivated. We also chose the french doors for our bedroom, the bathroom and the baby's room. They will make the house look so rich. I can not wait to see how it all turns out.
I will be taking pictures this week-end of my belly, the pram and the highchair.
The rash is less itchy.... Thankfully. I went to see Dr Mundle yesterday and he saw how tormented I was and that the rash was no better and had actually changed so he called a dermatoligist friend of his and discussed my issue and the dermatologist said that he would see right away. So he said it was a fungal rash and said it has to take it's 6 week coarse but he gave me some stronger cream that seems to be helping in the day. It's the nights that are so bad.
I have been feeling a lot of flutters and they are stronger than they have been. It's the weirdest feeling ever. I can't wait till Adam can feel it too. He keeps putting his hand there but nothing happens yet. Soon I am sure.
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Thursday, June 01, 2006
I called in sick to work yesterday because the night is the worst for the rash and Tuesday night I was up all night. Yesterday, it seemed like it might be getting better. But, then I wore my silk night gown all day and only put my bra and other clothes on to walk to the mail box! It wasn't bad. Then last night...it flaired up again. Too weird. Today again I had some bouts of itichiness but I brought some aloe vera gel to work so it was good to just soothe the itchies. I will be sure to continue to bring it in. I called to make an appointment with Dr Mundle and could not get in to see him till Monday. I really hope I can cancel that appointment. If the rash stays maintained as it has been today and yesterday than I should be fine. Let's cross our fingers. I can not believe it is already June. In 5 more sleeps I will be 4 months pregnant! I still can not believe I am pregnant at all let alone 4 months almost. It amazes me.
We go to sign the papers tonight at the bank. Then we get to go shopping on the weekend! Yippee! I love shopping!
I started my pregnancy scrapbook this weekend that just past. It is turning out really nice I am excited to see how it progresses. I have to get the pictures from Mother's Day developed. And I should take a belly shot too. I have popped a bit. My but sure has gotten bigger, that's for sure. LOL.
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